Monday, June 19, 2006

Sorry bout the mood swings!

Well, I have to admit, maybe miracles do happen. After my generally 'bleugh' day yesterday, where I was just so disinterested in everything and generally p**set off, things did brighten up. I'm not quite sure how they did, but they did!!!!!

I got to spend time with my boy, not much, but some. We went back to mum and dads once he was home, and there he got given his first bike. I must say that I always wanted to be the one to get him his first bike, but, he was generously given one by one of his little friends and I did get to watch him ride around like a daredevil. My heart nearly jumped out when I told him to stop so he did........By leaping off of the still moving bike!!!!!!!!

Then I accidentally managed to fall asleep on the sofa, didn't wake up till 10:30, and then went straight up to bed......This could account for the brightness of my mood today.........About 12 hours sleep!!!!!

And today, well today, I did mums, then went to work. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it looked like nothing had been done after Graeme left on the promo end of things, actually, according to Sue, the supervisor was all cashed up and everything when Sue came into take over. This being said, when I left today, the promo ends were done, the dump bins were emptied, the wine was all worked (courtesy of Ness) and I managed to re-planagram the household (I thought it was just a simple one, not a change EVERYTHING one!) complete with SELS and everything, which I was actually really pleased with, cos it looked lovely once I had finished it. So, in theory, we are all ready for the delivery tomorrow, and I am really, really hoping its a small one, cos I am not looking forward to have to do delivery on top of normal evening jobs.

Oh, and I have to mention the strangest thing.................I was asked if I had a thing for Graeme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was just about the oddest thing I have ever been asked, cos I'm sure that people have realised that, well, he's gay! Not only that, but when did thinking that someone is fabulous turn into fancying them?????????? I have to say that I was actually speechless, I'm sorry Graeme, but you're just too, well, gay! But I do think you are fantastic, I am just puzzled how anyone could think it was anything else? Applying the same theory as the person who suggested it was, that would mean I also have a thing for......Kimmy, Amanda, Ness, Sue, Charlene, Ryan, Philip, Cat, Jo, Richard........Just about everyone I know actually........And even I'm not that indiscriminate!


Graeme said...

Hmm..I'm just too gay?! Well you're just too darn female missy!! LOL...who the hell came up with that brainwave?!! I tell you, they're all mad in Pennington!!!