Thursday, June 08, 2006

Non-fun pain is.....well.......NON-FUN!!!!!

ARGGGGHHHHH.........I got up this morning and tried to walk down the stairs, only to find that this really woke me up as the pain was excrusating. Admittedly I do have arthritus in my knees, but its never been so bad that I have to bandage my knee just to go down the stairs on my bum!!!!!! Bless the boy thou, who got ready for school and went up and down the afore mentioned stairs (I'm sure they were invented by the devil I really am). I had to hobble to school, and I really don't understand why painkillers arent touching it.........and I'm not happy with it!!!!! Added to the PMT its just too much........I am definately short on patience and long on temper today!!!!

Work was a blast on Tuesday.......there was a whole lot of stock to work, which somehow takes a lot longer when you are trying to Supervise and get it done.......but it was done........the biggest problem I had was getting the facing up just didnt want to happen, so there were parts of the shop that looked great.......and parts that looked like they had been attacked by monkeys!!!!!!!! This being said, we left the shop at 11:05pm..........which, with a closing time of 11pm, I thought was very good............infact I turned to James and said 'there, thats how it should be done!'

And thats it, I was amazed again on Monday, watching my son in his swimming lesson, but then that always amazes me, as I'm terrified of the water, but he has no problems in the big pool, he just gets in and swims with his 'woggle'!! And I have made jars and jars of mint jelly with my Aunt.......we were amused as the date on all of these jars is 6/6/6.........which I thought was very good, as it is such a tempting recipe........made with apples instead of vinegar........sweet and nummy, and good on top of ice cream as well as with pork or lamb.

Randomly, I had this thought, I love eating and making jam and stuff, but I really couldnt make it just for me, as it just makes too much for me to eat and give away, so I'm thinking that it should be possible to make it for 'one' so to speak, a jam recipe that only makes 2-3 jars and not 15-20, so any ideas, please let me know!


The Infamous Jack said...

I know a recipe for 1 or 2 jars of jam, but it will require sexual favours to get it out of me ;-)

Graeme said...

Can't you just reduce the ingredients? Or is it like Head Office? Cut down the ingredients and expect the finished product to be perfect. (In case you were wondering I was kind of using it as an analogy for HO cutting wage budgets and costs, but still expecting us to be fab. Is it any wonder Pennington One Stop is such a dive?! LOL.