Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Morning All

First a comment on the song........watched the film the other night and just had to post this song, as it made me smile, and thought that those of us with the 'Summertime Blues' could do with a smile!

Then, a small worship of Graeme................when I got into work last night, everything had been done! For what I think may have been the first shift that I have worked in a long time, I just had to do my own jobs.....which meant that I had time to sweep and mop out the back, and had done everything by 8!!!!!!!!! All I had to do between 8-10 was face up, so the store looked fabulous this morning, and Paul even swept and mopped the shop floor properly. The only downside of my shift was the fact that when I took my till off, I managed to drop it!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, my mother has my blood boiling, for far to many reasons to list here, and more than I want to go into...........thou I will mention that she had the audacity to ask if I do drugs. Does this woman KNOW me?????????

And on that happy note, I'm off to try and sort out the house, get ready for work, and generally try to bring order to chaos!!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm still alive I promise!!!

Damn, my life has been chaotic! I didnt even manage to sit infront of the computer yesterday!

Thursday, at work, was all ok, I worked the soft drinks, which involved working a cage of backstock, every case of backstock, and two shelves of loose drinks. It took me 2 hours, and I actually got out, 39 cases of stock........39...........dear god, I was knackered!!!! However, Phil and the boy had a fantastic time while I was busting my balls, and the boy got to have daddy put him to bed, which has always been a novelty!

Friday was chaos, I ran round like a demented chicken, panicking about this visit from Housing Benefit. Turns out I didnt need to panic quite so much, and they are only lowering my benefit a little for now, based on the fact that I have been paying tax on my wages that I shouldn't have been paying.

And me and Ness managed to work three backstock cages from the delivery (I was crappy at work last night), the three normal backstock cages, all the alcohol (bar the wines........saving them for tomoro!), every soft drink in the store andevery sweet/chocolate in the store. As well as it being crazy on the tills..........really really crazy!

I also must comment on the complete randomness of my thoughts lately. Sue's niece finally had her baby, and has called her 'Keyanna Olivia Sara' which made me think about names. For example, I chose Edward for my boy, not just cos its a family name, but because he has a choice of name shortenings, as well as it being a name that he can have all his life without completely hating it! My actual name is Theresa, and I hate it.......when someone calls me by it, I immediately wonder what I've done wrong, and often I dont even register it as my name!!!! But then, if someone calls me Kira, Miss Kira, Pepper or Tizzie, I recognise that they are addressing me straight away. Then my thoughts went somewhere completely different......after my bath I was stood in the lounge, in my underwear and my high heels and dancing to Meatloaf and havign a fag...........damn, I'm a fetishist's dream!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Too much time alone is not always a GOOD thing!!!!

Firstly my apologies to anyone who's been trying to get hold of me on MSN, I just haven't had time to get online, have been so busy doing the housework and getting sorted for the Housing Benefit home visit thing that I feel like I haven't stopped (thou I know I have)

I've spent most of the day by myself, I went and did mums, made the few phone calls that had to happen, and then other than picking up the boy, and seeing Aunty, have been alone.

This isn't as bad as it seems. Its occured to me today, that being alone is both good and bad....and for the same have alot of time alone with your own thoughts. So, while I was racing round trying to make it look like humans and not monkeys live here, I was thinking, almost the whole time, about the future, or at least the parts of it pertaining to me and the boy. Everything from cementing his relationship with his father, to how much I want to be able to give him as he grows. To that end, I have managed to sort out his dad picking him up from school tomoro and having him while I'm at work, which he is so excited about that it actually makes me hurt. I know that Phil and I spliting up was exactly the right thing to do, and I dont entertain thoughts of being with him again, but the look of joy on my boy's face when I told him that daddy would pick him up was stunning, it just hurts cos its taken nearly 5 years of me constantly reinforcing things to him to make that look appear, and I hope that neither of them ever realise just how much I had to work to make sure that they had and have a relationship, but I am so glad that I did. Just lately access has gotten easier on them both, and they no longer need constant supervision, another area in my boys life where I need to take a step back.

Then my thoughts drifted off to the whole 'where am I gonna be in 10 years' thing. And heres the thing, the only thing that I really want out of my life for the foreseeable is my boys smile and laughter and tears and pain, all of it, thats all I want, to experience the wonder that is my son. I want to give him whatever I can, as much as I can, to be a good provider, but none of my goals or hopes are personally related to me and my life, but more him and where his life could go.

After all this reflection, I sat in my almost spotless sitting room, thinking about decorating, and friends, and watching 'Kinky Boots' again. Seems like an odd combination even to me!

I also worked out the reason for my blues. And really its a no-brainer, at least if you are sensible and look at a calaender. In 9 days, I would have known Phil for 6 years. In 36 days it will be 6 years since our first kiss, and 5 years since our son was born, 35 days, our third wedding anniversary, 44 days, our sixth anniversary and less than 3 months, six years since I moved in with him. And in less than 5 months it will be a year since we split. So, thou I'm not looking to get back with him or anything (thats really not what this is all about) I think I might be grieving, for the loss of the relationship that I thought would last forever. So, pardon my randomness, mood swings and fragility for just a little longer.

Sorry this is so long, it was only supposed to be a short post!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sorry bout the mood swings!

Well, I have to admit, maybe miracles do happen. After my generally 'bleugh' day yesterday, where I was just so disinterested in everything and generally p**set off, things did brighten up. I'm not quite sure how they did, but they did!!!!!

I got to spend time with my boy, not much, but some. We went back to mum and dads once he was home, and there he got given his first bike. I must say that I always wanted to be the one to get him his first bike, but, he was generously given one by one of his little friends and I did get to watch him ride around like a daredevil. My heart nearly jumped out when I told him to stop so he did........By leaping off of the still moving bike!!!!!!!!

Then I accidentally managed to fall asleep on the sofa, didn't wake up till 10:30, and then went straight up to bed......This could account for the brightness of my mood today.........About 12 hours sleep!!!!!

And today, well today, I did mums, then went to work. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it looked like nothing had been done after Graeme left on the promo end of things, actually, according to Sue, the supervisor was all cashed up and everything when Sue came into take over. This being said, when I left today, the promo ends were done, the dump bins were emptied, the wine was all worked (courtesy of Ness) and I managed to re-planagram the household (I thought it was just a simple one, not a change EVERYTHING one!) complete with SELS and everything, which I was actually really pleased with, cos it looked lovely once I had finished it. So, in theory, we are all ready for the delivery tomorrow, and I am really, really hoping its a small one, cos I am not looking forward to have to do delivery on top of normal evening jobs.

Oh, and I have to mention the strangest thing.................I was asked if I had a thing for Graeme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was just about the oddest thing I have ever been asked, cos I'm sure that people have realised that, well, he's gay! Not only that, but when did thinking that someone is fabulous turn into fancying them?????????? I have to say that I was actually speechless, I'm sorry Graeme, but you're just too, well, gay! But I do think you are fantastic, I am just puzzled how anyone could think it was anything else? Applying the same theory as the person who suggested it was, that would mean I also have a thing for......Kimmy, Amanda, Ness, Sue, Charlene, Ryan, Philip, Cat, Jo, Richard........Just about everyone I know actually........And even I'm not that indiscriminate!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

defeated and broken today

am having a really depressy day today. Which bugs me actually as its my first Sunday off in forever, and at this point I'd rather be at work I think.

I was sick as a dog yesterday, shaky, throwing up, dizzy, and thou I did manage to get Edward sorted out to a degree, I wasn't at my best so my parents took over for me. I know that I screwed up. That it was my fault. I did try my best, but as I am well aware, thats not often good enough. As I had to put mum and dad out yesterday, I will be going over there later to spend a couple of hours repaying the time that I took from them yesterday. I had hoped to spend the day blitzing my housework as I have a Housing Benefit inspection on Friday, and what with work and Edward, and doing mums in the mornings, I just dont know when else I'm going to get the time to get it done. So today I'm very blue. And thought I'd ramble about it here, as I dont exactly have a wealth of friends I could phone and bitch to, and anyway, I'm not allowed to do that anymore. I have been told that the picture I paint of my mother to others (who exactly????) is less than flattering (again, who am I talking to exactly?????) so I'm not to do it...........not much of a change then, instead of just not having anyone I can just call, I'm not actually allowed to call them if I did.........YAY ME (!).

My apologies for the general 'bleugh-ness' of todays post........who knows, in the next few hours I may grow a backbone, or someone might realise that I'm actually 24, have moved out, and am actually doing quite well with everything.........but I aint holding my breath for the latter!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Randomness abound!

HEY ALL......seems I actually have actual people who visit this blog, people who arent my friends, but come here anyway........YAY.

Am feeling really really random a chaotic way, so thought I'd have a ramble on here while I potter about in my pretty pink (yes I DO own that colour) sundress (ok, I'll admit, I stole it off Kimmy......but I do look good!)

On the note of Kimmy, I was only expecting to see Amanda and Elise today, so imagine how thrilled I was when Kimmy, Skye and Katy came too!!!!!! For 45 hectic minutes I had 3 under 3's in my front room!!!!! Edward was apparently thrilled too.......I'm not too sure, as he was asleep when I got in (worships Manda for the peace and quiet!)

Work was actually fun...........thou, this may be because, for some reason, Graeme has the ability t0 make me a girl..........which is probably a good thing, and it does make work fun. Also managed to get all bar 2 trolleys (one of soft drinks that would all go out and one of sweets) done, and only had to leave two extra cages of backstock.........which I consider a good thing as we go a lot of promo stuff in.

I also wanted to thank Steph from the MSN group I'm a member of for the pic at the top of this post........isnt it pretty?!!!!

And I think thats it, its been a chaotic day, but I can't quite pin down the reasons why!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Short on patience and loooooooooong on temper!!!

Again this post starts with an.........ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Once, I thought that working in a shop was easy.....Go in, do my job, go home again...............This weekend has changed my view of things. After the hassle of yesterday, First thing on the agenda this morning was finding out how James was, and whether he was coming in..............Turns out that while he was off work with his 'dodgy curry last night' excuse, he fell asleep in the sun (cos we all know that's where sick people go, to lie in the sun and sweat) and has sunburn, heatstroke, and his legs have swollen up.......Can anyone say HANGOVER?????

Then 'stupid boy' - one of the worst General Assistants I have ever had the displeasure to work with - phones up (well his mum does) she thinks that he ate something bad and has food poisoning...........Can I get a repeat on that HANGOVER.

There was also the small matter of receiving 4 cages of milk yesterday and another 3 today.......There is milk EVERYWHERE, as we only have a fridge out the back, certainly nowhere big enough for the 3 left over cages that there was this morning!

Then I spend my time trying to get hold of the evening supervisor who went AWOL last night, she wouldn't answer her phone, despite it ringing for 2 minutes each time I tried her.......Not only that, the gossip is that yesterday was her fellas birthday, which is why she didn't come in............Doesn't explain why she didn't tell anyone, especially as she was definitely aware that she was working!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

So, Ness is working tonight, poor girl, I sent her home early in the end, at about 12, so that she can get her kids sorted out before she has to come back to work to do a 6-11, as there is no-one else to do it, thou it was a close call getting her to do it, as her hubby kicked, and then her mum.......You'd think she was trying to run off to the circus instead of cover a shift!!!!

On the plus side, we beat budget by £3007 this week.....Would have been more if we hadn't had to close at 9 last night........But how cool is that?! I don't admit it often, but I actually do love my job..........And love it when I can see how well we are doing as a store and so on, I just wish that some of the other staff would take pride in their store and their work.

And that's it, I haven't been home long enough for anything exciting to happen, and all I intend to do tonight is sleep after my sleeplessness night last night

Edited at 20:01 to add: Have to add this quickly........just phoned Ness at the shop to see how it was all going........and as I was on the phone to her who should stroll into to shop.........'stupid boy' over that food poisoning real quick didnt he if he was able to come in a buy fags!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I've actually had quite a busy evening........

First I get a phone call from see if I could go BACK to work..........we'll ignore the fact that I had only been home 2 hours at this point. The problem is that the evening supervisor didnt all.........apart from when she popped over from the pub to buy fags this morning!!!! Poor Ness couldnt do it as her other half was out......I couldnt cos I couldnt get a I offered to come in early, but cant do that as I cant get hold of Philip to sort it out and see if he can pick the boy up at normal time.

Then I phoned Ness for a gossip......when she used to live 2 doors down, we'd speak at least every day, and spend hours on the phone........but we kinda dropped out of touch until I started working with her again........which is nice........cos I kinda think of her as a sister anyway, and have shared so much with her over the years, that its nice to get that back......we're even going to go out for a drink next week!

On the note of old friends, and shared secrets and laughter, I saw one of my closest friends this week. Ryan and I have always had the sort of friendship that doesnt matter how long you dont see each other for, you just seem to pick back up from where you left. And his friendship, like Nessie's, has always been something that I consider precious. So, when he popped into work to see me, and have a chat, and tell me how close he had moved to where I live I have to admit to being absolutely tickled pink that we are back in touch again.......................theres something about true friends that makes a body warm from the inside out.

I wanna take my ball and go home now please!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN I HURT!!!!!!!!!

I get to work this morning, to find that there is 11 cages, 8 of them still wrapped from yesterdays delivery to work, as well as all the normal Saturday jobs, it being World Cup game day and too too hot!!!!!

I lifted £3000 today, in six hours, which I think is fantastic considering that really we are only a small store.......but then I think about all that work and start to sweat!!!! Ness and I managed to get all bar 2 cages worked, 1 was backstock crisps and the other was sweets, so no great shakes for Sue and Melissa to do. And on top of all the work we had to do, James called in we lost a pair of hands too!

It's just really annoying that we go in there and really work hard.........I think 9 cages in 6 hours while also being on the till, doing lifts, dealing with customers and everything else is really good.............but then last night, all that was done was the stock Ness had spotted, nothing else was touched, no cages opened and worked or anything.................GRRRRRRRRRRR.....I'm sure that they realise I am in and think that I am a mug...........cos the people in the evenings the night before I work never really do much, yet by the time I leave, I've done my stuff and theirs! I should really stop doing this..........but I'm thinking that my surprise weekend off (thank you Graeme, I may have to worship you!) will make them realise that they need to do their work on a Friday night!!!!!!!!!!!

And thats it, as I hurt, my muscles ache, my knees been playing up all day and I need a bath (thou I dont know if I can get out after I get in) and to sleep like the dead before work tomoro!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Non-fun pain is.....well.......NON-FUN!!!!!

ARGGGGHHHHH.........I got up this morning and tried to walk down the stairs, only to find that this really woke me up as the pain was excrusating. Admittedly I do have arthritus in my knees, but its never been so bad that I have to bandage my knee just to go down the stairs on my bum!!!!!! Bless the boy thou, who got ready for school and went up and down the afore mentioned stairs (I'm sure they were invented by the devil I really am). I had to hobble to school, and I really don't understand why painkillers arent touching it.........and I'm not happy with it!!!!! Added to the PMT its just too much........I am definately short on patience and long on temper today!!!!

Work was a blast on Tuesday.......there was a whole lot of stock to work, which somehow takes a lot longer when you are trying to Supervise and get it done.......but it was done........the biggest problem I had was getting the facing up just didnt want to happen, so there were parts of the shop that looked great.......and parts that looked like they had been attacked by monkeys!!!!!!!! This being said, we left the shop at 11:05pm..........which, with a closing time of 11pm, I thought was very good............infact I turned to James and said 'there, thats how it should be done!'

And thats it, I was amazed again on Monday, watching my son in his swimming lesson, but then that always amazes me, as I'm terrified of the water, but he has no problems in the big pool, he just gets in and swims with his 'woggle'!! And I have made jars and jars of mint jelly with my Aunt.......we were amused as the date on all of these jars is 6/6/6.........which I thought was very good, as it is such a tempting recipe........made with apples instead of vinegar........sweet and nummy, and good on top of ice cream as well as with pork or lamb.

Randomly, I had this thought, I love eating and making jam and stuff, but I really couldnt make it just for me, as it just makes too much for me to eat and give away, so I'm thinking that it should be possible to make it for 'one' so to speak, a jam recipe that only makes 2-3 jars and not 15-20, so any ideas, please let me know!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

the work of a shop girl is NEVER done......


I got into the shop at 9..........stupidly expecting things to be done, at least something to be done.........but.....alas, it was not so, James was still doing the HHT markdowns........he was STILL reducing stock.......and he had done NO facing up, NO cleaning, NO temp checks......infact, NOTHING else. Granted, he was kinda thrown in at the deep end......but still.....GRRRRRRRRR.

If truth be told, thou I really tried to get things sorted, there wasnt much that I could do. Some facing up got done..................the papers got done, sort of, thou there were no return slips for the Echos and NO STRING!!!!!!!

I feel really bad actually, cos I really wanted it to be nice for Graeme in the morning, and to prove that it could be done. I also hate leaving a job half done. But, I SHALL do better tomoro.........i pwomise.

Now, I'm f*****g hyper, and have the first day back at school tomoro and cant seem to wind down and ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



I was gonna leave posting til tonight, after I have gone back to work to lock-up (damn evening supervisors who have the audasity to be ill!) However, the crappiness of my job today has to be described. First, I spend 2 hours working the soft drinks (a cage of them from Fridays delivery)........there is only one reason for them to take that long......they havent been done properly since last weekend!!!!! Then I manage to get 75% of the crisps we have in stock on to the shop floor.........verdict.......see above re drinks!!!!!! Then, having emptied 3 cages, made the stock room look reasonabley tidy (it did look like we had monkeys living in there or something) I have the crappiest job I have had to do to date...............I was nominated milk tipper! This means that I got the rewarding job of emptying the whole 268 pints of sour milk down the drain............I SMELL SO BAD!!! Even I dont want to be in a room with me at the moment, and I cant have a bath til the boy is in bed (he keeps trying to help me me distrusting, but I doubt that the 4 yr old + sharp blades + my legs (or anywhere else for that matter) is a good mix!).

Today, something else occured to me. Ness works her arse off, she might not always do the best job, but then, with Graeme away this week, I realised why. Everyone chooses the week the manager is away to take the piss. Poor Ness has had a member of staff leave before her notice was up, another calling in sick, people being late, and people being lazy. Its as if they all think that as its just her, they dont have to work. I kinda feel sorry for her, it looks like she's done a bad job.......but she hasnt, its that the people who dont work for her, always seem to manage to work for Graeme. To a degree I can understand it, thou its not a mentality I personally subscribe to, but then, when I realised that if I dont go back tonight, then Ness will cycle up to the shop, spend an hour there to cycle back.........and she was more than prepared to........but I couldnt let her. She does try so hard.............bless her.

So, expect another post later........if only so that I can comment on the job James has done....Carols trained him.......which could mean that he doesnt know what facing up means !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I am sooooooo very very knackered. I think this might have something to do with the 8 cages that were left from yesterdays delivery. I cannot possibly express how pleasaed I am that last night was Carols last night!!!!!!!!! I havent stopped all day!!!!!!! Not only did she leave all the stock, she didnt put yesterdays milk away, which means its got to be wasted off..........50 x 4pts, 38 x 2pts and 18 x 1pts........thats a total of £89.68 she lost the shop with her laziness!!!!!!

Other than that, I am feeling an overwhelming urge to go out and sing karoke.........I have no idea why! But really, quite an urge going urge to sing 'Hanky Panky' of all things.........i blame Graeme personally......something about the line 'i'll settle for the back of your hand somewhere on my behind' has just caught my imagination!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006


you must try this

I got.........Tizzie spends weekends at the chubby-chaser nudist colony.

The world is going crazy.....

......or maybe its just this country!

Lately the Daily Mail has been highlighting what they are calling 'Health and Safety Killjoys'.......those pesky H&S laws that are just plain stupid. Todays one really got me started (read article) It deals with a woman who baked a man a cake for his 96th birthday......a home cooked, healthy cake with no additives, no added sugar and no junk..........however, she was not able to give it to him, as his daycare centre health and safety officer said that she couldnt let him have it as it hadnt come from a shop. And althou she knew what she had put in the cake and so on, she was not allowed to hand it to him. Now, it seems to me that this is quite possibly the daftest thing I have ever heard.............its a cake................I somehow doubt that it was laced with arsenic (thou I could be wrong I guess) So I was wondering...........has anyone else heard of anything that tops this???? Maybe I should create a blog just for things that are this ridiculous????????


I kid you not, I am truly stupid! I had the misguided impression that I could do mums this morning, then QUICKLY pop up to the opitions to get the boys glasses adjusted. Hmmmmmmmmm.......This seems a viable plan does it not?

Well, I get to mums at 10. I do the washing up and wash the floor while my sister watches me do it........And while I am also keeping tabs on the small child. So, having finished cleaning, and feeling like the hired help (which I guess I am in a way) I make the mistake of grabbing a quick cup of coffee. Then mum rings in to ask me to hang round till she gets back. So me and the boy don't even make it to town before 12. Then, the optitions is packed so we wait for about 30 minutes......not so bad cos my boy was excellently behaved. Then we decided to drop into Morrisons for lunch, as we havent really done anything special this week thats just for the two of us. My plan failed completely as we didnt get home till just now............13:50 to be exact.......ARGH, now I have so much to do!!!!!!!!!!

On the plus side thou, my boy has been STUNNING today, not one tantrum, or moment of misbehaving, it really boggles my mind sometimes, how grown up he can be. For a 4 yr old, he is sometimes far far far too mature.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

10 things NOT to do during half term......

1. Realise that you dont have enough bin bags for the toys you are throwing away.

2. Run out of toilet wipes for the 4 yr old!

3. Visit your mother every day

4. Mistakenly think that as you are not working, they wont phone you

5. Make plans!

6. Try to pull off having a tidy house for more than 5 minutes

7. Show the 4 yr old how to put his 'Power rangers Dino Thunder' DVD on..........5 times a day!

8. Try to visit anyone other than your mother

9. Take the 4 yr old into town

and 10. Give up smoking!

Knackered Pwincess up this morning and did mums and then the bills......all good for a Thurday, infact had a lovely time with the boy. And then, for no explicible reason, I decided that today would be the day that I would go through and sort out all of the boys toys. Hmmmmm...........does anyone have any idea just how many toys a 4 yr old collects in their brief lifetime????? Enough that I am throwing out about 6 bin bags full, and he STILL has a full toy cupboard!!!! Add to that the fact that as this was his first Christmas with daddy not living here, everyone went overboard on the present buying, myself included, which means there was an awful lot to wade thru.........infact I actually piled it all up high, and it was still more than a king size bed can hold!!!!!!!!!!!

But I managed it, and now, am dusty, knackered, but pleased, cos for the first time in ages, my boy is upstairs, playing on his own, watching Narina on the telly (YAY......PEACE AND QUIET)!!!!!