Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm still alive I promise!!!

Damn, my life has been chaotic! I didnt even manage to sit infront of the computer yesterday!

Thursday, at work, was all ok, I worked the soft drinks, which involved working a cage of backstock, every case of backstock, and two shelves of loose drinks. It took me 2 hours, and I actually got out, 39 cases of stock........39...........dear god, I was knackered!!!! However, Phil and the boy had a fantastic time while I was busting my balls, and the boy got to have daddy put him to bed, which has always been a novelty!

Friday was chaos, I ran round like a demented chicken, panicking about this visit from Housing Benefit. Turns out I didnt need to panic quite so much, and they are only lowering my benefit a little for now, based on the fact that I have been paying tax on my wages that I shouldn't have been paying.

And me and Ness managed to work three backstock cages from the delivery (I was crappy at work last night), the three normal backstock cages, all the alcohol (bar the wines........saving them for tomoro!), every soft drink in the store andevery sweet/chocolate in the store. As well as it being crazy on the tills..........really really crazy!

I also must comment on the complete randomness of my thoughts lately. Sue's niece finally had her baby, and has called her 'Keyanna Olivia Sara' which made me think about names. For example, I chose Edward for my boy, not just cos its a family name, but because he has a choice of name shortenings, as well as it being a name that he can have all his life without completely hating it! My actual name is Theresa, and I hate it.......when someone calls me by it, I immediately wonder what I've done wrong, and often I dont even register it as my name!!!! But then, if someone calls me Kira, Miss Kira, Pepper or Tizzie, I recognise that they are addressing me straight away. Then my thoughts went somewhere completely different......after my bath I was stood in the lounge, in my underwear and my high heels and dancing to Meatloaf and havign a fag...........damn, I'm a fetishist's dream!!!!!!!!!!


Graeme said...

Hmm, as an employer I don't think it's correct to have the vision of a member of your staff in underwear and high heels smoking a fag. However, as it's you, and you're just so fabulous, I say you go girl lol.

And wtf was Michelle thinking with the childs name?!!!! Reece and Shane, perfectly normal for her other kids..but Keyanna?! Utter madness!