Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Damn its been a long time since I blogged

Opps, i didnt realise that its been over a week since i put anything on here! and its been a big week this week. I've sorted out my finances and finally found out that i'll be getting housing benefit, so i now have a finacial plan for the year (only 3 weeks late!).
Also, work has been cool, i am actually enjoying it at the moment (not that i will actually admit it!)
In other news, i joined the GYM on Monday!!!!!!!!! Now i just need to invest in a tracksuit of some sort, a sports bra to hold the twins down so that they dont blacken my eyes, and a decent MP3 player, so i can disappear off into my own world, and then, i shall start working out!
Also, i currently have 3 cigarettes left, and intend to give up when they are gone. I want to do this anyway, as i cant afford to smoke, and i get out of breath doing the smallest things, and i want to be able to run around with my son without hurting myself. But i've had to do it a bit earlier than scheduled as i've run out of money until tomoro, so i may as well give up now.
Therefore, this blog is also gonna become a progress report on giving up smoking and taking up exercise...............i wonder if i have bitten off more than i can chew here????

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All forms of worship accepted here was a nightmare all over again......we had 12 cages in, they arrived about 4:40, which meant we didnt really get started until 5. Then, we managed to work 7 of those cages by 6. When Ness and Sue left there were only 4 wrapped cages, and we'd worked the stock that we'd spotted, therefore there was no stock left on the floors or anything. By the time i left, the next cage had been worked.....and all the rubbish was out and theroetically, there should have been NO unworked stock this morning......this being said, with the supervisor who took over, well her middle name is LAZY, so i dont really bank on it all being done....for some strange reason!
Other than that, there is nothing much going boy has his first swimming lesson tomoro, with the school, which i'm really nervous about, as i cant swim and am scared of water, and i'm hoping its going to go ok.....but he's really excited about it. And thats it, isn't my life a hotbed of excitement??????????

Monday, April 17, 2006

Feeling much better

I'm feeling much better about everything today, so I thought I'd waffle on here for a while. A NIGHTMARE.....we were busy, but not too bad, and trying to do stock and rotating on the promo ends as we had run out of Easter eggs and needed to fill the gaps and make it look all pretty. Then I was on the till for an hour......AND HAD A QUEUE AROUND A GOOD PORTION OF THE SHOP FOR THAT HOUR.....grrrrr.....and i couldnt call ness out cos she was busy........and what was she busy with I hear you ask (well i dont but i feel like ranting alittle) A certain competent till worker has managed to commit a marital indecresion........(not my problem) and having done this they are feeling that they have ruined their marriage (well d'uh) the offended party goes off, beats up the person that helped create this chaos and ends up in prison overnight.......makes sense why said till worker was off on Saturday...........all of this, however, does not explain why the couple turn up, the till worker in a mess, at work, before their shift, and is balling and saying that they dont know if they can work......and ness has to sort them out......end result, no till worker, queues in the shop, me rushed off my feet and unable to call for help for over half an hour. Work is NOT the forum for these issues. You leave them at home and come into work and do your job and go back to the problem. I didnt get time off to deal with the problems in my marriage, i just had to fit sorting things out in between working nights for goodness sake.......i wasnt given a choice, i wasn't allowed time off for 'personal' issues, and i didnt expect to be, and nor would i if it arose again, its just something that isnt done. Am i the only one who realises this??????????
Today has been a very good day. Have spent time with my boy, my aunt, and then Dave's parents for a little bit........the boy has had 12 Easter eggs now!!!!!!!!
Also, today, have found out that according to 'Magic's 100 Greatest Movie Songs' Summer Nights (the one song in Grease that EVERYONE knows the words to) apparently was in Rocky, i will admit that i havent seen any of the Rocky films.......but i find it very hard to believe that it is possible to confuse big, big boxing films with mushy, cheesy musicals!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

ho hum

I've been meaning to blog all week, have even loaded up the page and everything, but for some reason i couldnt find much to say. I'm still waiting to find out if i can afford to pay my rent, I've spent much of my time with my boy, I went into work.......thats really about it.
Work this week has been kinda crazy.......busy, with far too much stock, far too little time and far far too many customers! Today when i got in to work there were 3 trolleys of unworked stock, 4 cages of stock off the delivery and 14 trays of bread. By the time i left thou, i had managed to condense all but 1 of the cages, a lot of the bread and switch over the promo shelves now that we have practically run out of easter eggs, we only had the spongebob and simpson types of eggs left when i left today.
other than that, its been bleugh.........i'm tired, and ouchy, and quite cold due to not having the heating on this week. And very alone. I have Button, but thats really it, he's the closest friend i have, and the only one that i share big news and feelings and stuff with. So i'm just feeling a little blue today. I think it might be hormones!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

D'oh I keep forgetting to blog

I HURT.........LOTS...........did so much at work that i actually have really really sore feet, it hurts to walk.........even thou i am very very proud of what i managed to achieve I'm really not sure that it is good to work hard enough that i hurt. This being said, I really did do LOTS..............I worked all the stock.....every single bit, plus emptied a cage, and worked the fridge and freezer, things that we never get round to on a Sunday! Having a competent till worker helped, i spent less than 20 minutes on the till! 4 hours into the shift i realised that i was going to have to clean if i didnt find something to do! My only big problem is this IF I CAN DO IT THEN WHY CANT OTHERS??????????????????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
In other news..........ummmmmmmmmmmmm...........practically nothing, or more accurately, absolutely nothing, as i try very hard not to talk about my stunning little boy all the time and i have spent most of my time with him this week......Oh, and i have an EAR INFECTION..........damnit, not the boy getting one, but me.......woke up at 3 in the morning Thursday howling in pain (i am truely a girl when it comes to ear ache) and then went to the Doc's on Friday and got chided for not coming in sooner as i obviously know what was going on, infact, apparently i was very very lucky my eardrum didnt burst, but thats not actual excitement, is more like depressing normalacy for me! And now, now i am gonna curl up with my book and pretend that i dont need to go and remake my bed, and put away a small mountain of clean washing!!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Boy hair

Had to cut the boys hair today, its a good job he has a low maintaince cut with the clippers otherwise the poor boy would end up having to have a bowl cut!!!! I figured that the best way to combat the issues of him and nits is to just shave his head!!!!!!!!!
We've had a day of quailty time together today, my boy and i, we've not actually done all that much, but have played cars, and football and cooked and cleaned and snuggled and he watched Power Rangers while i read, all in all, my favourite kind of day.....and now he is in quiet time before bed. Tomoro we have to go up to Southampton to have his eyes checked and his new prescription for his glasses sorted out, which will be endless fun i'm sure(!)
Other than that i can honestly say that there is little to wasnt too bad last night, out of the 11 cages that came in at 3:30 ish there was only one cage left unworked when i left 3 and 1/2 hours later, which i think is pretty good. The supervisor on the evening shift did the sweets, and i spotted and the worked the cages. Not an entirely fair distribution of labour, but, hey, they know i'm able to do it, so there is no reason for me not to.......i just wish that when they are working with me, they would work as hard as i do (GRRRRRRRR)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Cleaning

DAMNIT.......i hate it when i get up all motivated, it really throws me off. I had intended to sit around, on my backside, and read, maybe drink lots of coffee, just basically, do nothing much. Instead i have so far, hoovered inside and underneath the three piece suite, got loads off stuff upstairs that should never have been downstairs in the first place, and generally been nesting. GRRRRRR. So now i have to have a bath as i am covered in dust from emptying the hoover!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Cold beer and strangeness abound

I have beer................LOTS and LOTS of beer, i think this bears mentioning as i havent had a drink in quite a awhile now, so am getting a little tipsy sat here in the dark, infront of the computer.
That covers the beer part of the title......the strangeness was inspired by my ex-husband, who came round to spend some time with the boy, and to put him to bed, something that he never did when he was living here!!!!!!!!
And thats it, as i am too far away from my beer and in a choice between alcohol and puta, the beer is gonna win!