Sunday, June 11, 2006

Short on patience and loooooooooong on temper!!!

Again this post starts with an.........ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Once, I thought that working in a shop was easy.....Go in, do my job, go home again...............This weekend has changed my view of things. After the hassle of yesterday, First thing on the agenda this morning was finding out how James was, and whether he was coming in..............Turns out that while he was off work with his 'dodgy curry last night' excuse, he fell asleep in the sun (cos we all know that's where sick people go, to lie in the sun and sweat) and has sunburn, heatstroke, and his legs have swollen up.......Can anyone say HANGOVER?????

Then 'stupid boy' - one of the worst General Assistants I have ever had the displeasure to work with - phones up (well his mum does) she thinks that he ate something bad and has food poisoning...........Can I get a repeat on that HANGOVER.

There was also the small matter of receiving 4 cages of milk yesterday and another 3 today.......There is milk EVERYWHERE, as we only have a fridge out the back, certainly nowhere big enough for the 3 left over cages that there was this morning!

Then I spend my time trying to get hold of the evening supervisor who went AWOL last night, she wouldn't answer her phone, despite it ringing for 2 minutes each time I tried her.......Not only that, the gossip is that yesterday was her fellas birthday, which is why she didn't come in............Doesn't explain why she didn't tell anyone, especially as she was definitely aware that she was working!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

So, Ness is working tonight, poor girl, I sent her home early in the end, at about 12, so that she can get her kids sorted out before she has to come back to work to do a 6-11, as there is no-one else to do it, thou it was a close call getting her to do it, as her hubby kicked, and then her mum.......You'd think she was trying to run off to the circus instead of cover a shift!!!!

On the plus side, we beat budget by £3007 this week.....Would have been more if we hadn't had to close at 9 last night........But how cool is that?! I don't admit it often, but I actually do love my job..........And love it when I can see how well we are doing as a store and so on, I just wish that some of the other staff would take pride in their store and their work.

And that's it, I haven't been home long enough for anything exciting to happen, and all I intend to do tonight is sleep after my sleeplessness night last night

Edited at 20:01 to add: Have to add this quickly........just phoned Ness at the shop to see how it was all going........and as I was on the phone to her who should stroll into to shop.........'stupid boy' over that food poisoning real quick didnt he if he was able to come in a buy fags!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRR