Sunday, June 04, 2006


I was gonna leave posting til tonight, after I have gone back to work to lock-up (damn evening supervisors who have the audasity to be ill!) However, the crappiness of my job today has to be described. First, I spend 2 hours working the soft drinks (a cage of them from Fridays delivery)........there is only one reason for them to take that long......they havent been done properly since last weekend!!!!! Then I manage to get 75% of the crisps we have in stock on to the shop floor.........verdict.......see above re drinks!!!!!! Then, having emptied 3 cages, made the stock room look reasonabley tidy (it did look like we had monkeys living in there or something) I have the crappiest job I have had to do to date...............I was nominated milk tipper! This means that I got the rewarding job of emptying the whole 268 pints of sour milk down the drain............I SMELL SO BAD!!! Even I dont want to be in a room with me at the moment, and I cant have a bath til the boy is in bed (he keeps trying to help me me distrusting, but I doubt that the 4 yr old + sharp blades + my legs (or anywhere else for that matter) is a good mix!).

Today, something else occured to me. Ness works her arse off, she might not always do the best job, but then, with Graeme away this week, I realised why. Everyone chooses the week the manager is away to take the piss. Poor Ness has had a member of staff leave before her notice was up, another calling in sick, people being late, and people being lazy. Its as if they all think that as its just her, they dont have to work. I kinda feel sorry for her, it looks like she's done a bad job.......but she hasnt, its that the people who dont work for her, always seem to manage to work for Graeme. To a degree I can understand it, thou its not a mentality I personally subscribe to, but then, when I realised that if I dont go back tonight, then Ness will cycle up to the shop, spend an hour there to cycle back.........and she was more than prepared to........but I couldnt let her. She does try so hard.............bless her.

So, expect another post later........if only so that I can comment on the job James has done....Carols trained him.......which could mean that he doesnt know what facing up means !!!!!!!!!


Graeme said...

Well I'm certainly looking forward to heading back tomorrow. I agree with you on the staff taking the piss when I'm off, but in all fairness, the worst have now gone. This next couple of weeks are going to be really hard, as we're going to need to rebuild what was once a good team. And it isn't going to be easy. We'll probably be needing a number of new starters, and it'll also take a lot of hard work and hours to get ourselves back on our feet.
I know that Ness works hard, and I know that I couldn't do my job without her. But don't tell her that(!) As for her not always doing the best job, that, I'm afraid, is down to her. :) See you very soon! Yey!

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