Friday, March 31, 2006


have just spend 4 hours chatting to my the woman to death but still, if i was a donkey she would have talked ALL my legs was nice, but even so, i have lost my entire day, because i have to go up the school in a minute to see Ed's Easter Show! Am very excited about that, am hoping he's gonna be singing, because he is the loudest in the school! So just a short post today.......may update later!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


D'OH...........I cant believe i havent posted for 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will credit Graeme with prompting this post as he actually signs my guestbook, and noticed the distinct lack of 'bloggage'!!!

This being said, not a lot has been going on.......i could witter on about the chaos at work.......which really was stunning..............if you can imagine, i walk into a half darkened store, complete with random beeping noise, and my mother in there!!!! Then, while in the queue, my mother is making comments that really, are just infuriating the manager (cos there wasnt enough to do that already!). I walk into the stock room which held many many cages of stock.........YAY (!)...........then we find out all the power was going to be cut off, so that they could repair the damage that had been caused.......of course, they didnt have the courtesy to actually come over and tell us, Graeme had to go and actually ask them what was going on! So, obviously we had to shut the shop, which caused no end of hassle for us, as our customers are unable to read and therefore actually understand the words that said we were CLOSED.......not only that, all the lights were exactly what made them think we were actually open?????? fools!!!! This is what i get for working in the geographical area that i do, complete morons for customers!

This being said, we had a giggle putting the stock out in the dark, and without having to trip over the customers, and we got thru an awful lot......infact, when i left at 7, it had ALL been worked, there was not a single case left to be put out.

Other than that, i should be getting my phone reconnected tomoro (stroke the Dave for giving me a loan to speed up the process......thou it is strikely a LOAN and if he thinks differently i shall bite a NON-FUN way!)

So, after that quick update on the whole lotta nufin going on in my life i am off to watch 'Cold Case'...........I have a problem......i need help.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Workin' girlie

havent done much today except work really........that was quite fun, i do enjoy working with Ness, and we got a whole bunch of promo stuff sorted out and cleared alot of the stock that was left over from yesterdays delivery.........we also had a always!

I also got my first ever mothers day gift today, my mum sorted it out for edward to give me, my own special 'mummy' mug.........something that was just too fantastic for words, and he was so proud and pleased when he gave it too me, i nearly cried. i cant get over it, my first ever mothers day..........(i've had others obviously, but never recieved presents or a card before) boy is truely a dream come true.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cheesy vegetables and cooking with the boy

ARGHHHHH.......why do mothers cook with their children???? I have just cooked cheesy vegetables and homemade burgers with the boy..........and thou it was fun, it was also a nightmare, and made such a mess that really needs to be seen to be believed. This being said, he again showed me just how much he is maturing. Yesterday, we went to the shop and he choose his sweets, paid for them himself and got his change, which was bad enough.........but then today, he actually did help cook..........but he's only 4.......and the vegetables are something that he can actually do himself if i just put the ingredients out for him...........ARGHHHHHHH..........he needs to stop growing up now!!!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Rites of Passage

My boy scooted home from school this afternoon. I couldnt believe it. He's so tiny, he's one of the shortest in his class. It may not seem like a big thing to many people, but to see this tiny boy, on his little scooter, knowing the way, and just a few feet ahead of me, really made my heart swell with pride. I watched him pushing himself as fast as he could, and at the same time, was watching my little boy grow up just a little bit more. I'd be lying if i said the very concept of him growing up didnt petrify me. Every day it seems he is that little bit more indepenent, and as i revel in the person he is becoming, i also mourn for the times when he needed me completely. He's only four and already i can see the beginnings of who he will be, and it makes me proud. He's so strong, copes with life so well, admittedly at four you dont have much to cope with, but then, to a four year old things seem pretty big. He's just so special and precious that i had to mention him, i try to stay away from only talking about him, but, well, i dont really have a choice, he's such a big, important, incredible part of my life, how could i not?!

I should also take a moment to have a small rant about my utility provider. I make itr a solid policy not to name companies on here, so i'm not going to, but i have to rant, for they are trying to tell me that i have used 2200 units of gas in the LAST TWO MONTHS.........this is IMPOSSIBLE.............utterly impossible, thats more gas than i have used in the last 5 years............i am so now i have to take a meter reading EVERY day, then phone them next week.........but, it would seem that they are going to charge me for that gas too (approx £800 - £900) ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh

I offically hate bills.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tired Girlie

ugh, am very tired now, was just me and Ness for most of the day, so i used up all my energy dealing with stupid customers. I'm not being petulant, they really were stupid.......for example......we have two offers on sweets on at the moment, one is 3 for £1 one is 4 for £1.......obvioulsy they are different sweets, as in one by Nestle and one by so far this makes sense. We also have to stock in dump bins, with BIG signs showing these, my intellectually challenged customer comes up with 3 from the 4 for £1 and 1 from the other........i explain the problem, but he wants to buy them anyway.....then he demands a receipt, claims that i am trying to sell him one chocolate bar for £1 and asks for a refund on all of them........then comes back to the till, with the right chocolate this time.....and buys them, muttering about the signs not being clear enough.........not clear enough????? you actually have to be blind not to see them, also they have PICTURES............damnit.

After that, the normal sort of stupidness until the moment we ran out of carrier bags (i know, we're a freaking shop, but these things happen). Most customers were ok with it, i mentioned it before i put their shopping thru, giving them the chance to change their minds if they had large amounts of goods. HOWEVER, would you believe that there were customers that thought i was LYING.......why would i lie about it??????? What possible reason could i have for lying about carrier bags for crying out they think that there is about to be a shortage of some sort and that i am hogging them all for myself??.........if that wasnt bad enough, there was one customer demanding that we found her a bag because she was on a bike.......where were we to find this bag from exactly????????? Ness had to get a lift because she had to take her shopping home in a bin bag, if the assintant manager can make do then without a doubt the customers can do the same.........not only that, but really, its not anyone fault we're out of them, its just one of those things. surely other people can understand that......but they cant, because they want something and see no logical reason why they cant have it. ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHH......and this is why i hate working with customers......on the till, where i cant get away from them and they will treat me like i have an IQ of 12 just because they think they can.

Ok, rant over, gonna go make a cuppa and do the boys bits for school tomoro.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

migraines and miscellaneous

ok, a completely random post today, as there is far too much going on in my head for a sensible one. First off,i am considering started a campaign against migraines........i could barely hold my head up this morning, and have only just been able to eat.......i dislike non-fun pain, especially when its all those little men with hammers inside my brain having what feels like an orgy.

Having recovered enough to go out and about i went to my mothers to get the gas meter key, the back to here to read my gas meter......only one seems to be able to tell me which one is mine.........certainly not the council, or the power company that i'm with!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Also, i have to make a note of the fact that i have had nearly 700 visits in the last 6 and a bit months......which averages at over 100 a month........... YAY ME YAY ME!!!!

Now, i am pondering whether or not if i can get on a course to at least get something under my belt........i am trying so hard to make ends meet and make it all work, but it seems that my parents are having an issue with having the boy.......which i understand.......they have him for 6 hours on a Saturday and 2 on a Sunday..........which eats their weekend up. So i have to do something, i really dont know what to do at the moment......i just want to pay my bills, if i can, and get by, why is it so hard????