Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

Tonight was weigh-in night for my Slimming World group. For some reason, every week, I spend my Wednesday full of fear. I sit and think about everything I've eaten all week, what I should have walked away from (chocolate spread this week, treat sized Crunchies last week) and then I panic about having put weight on. I worry about what I've done that I shouldn't have, and what I haven't done that I really should have (exercise falls into this category most weeks).

The thing of it is, I only started this whole thing on the 30th July. That means that I have only been doing it for 13 weeks. I have lost 2 stone and 1.5 lbs in that time. That's 29.5 lbs. That's 14.5 bags of sugar. That's a hell of a lot of weight to lose. So, realistically, if I did put on a pound or even two, how much difference would it really make. As long as I continue along this path, as long as I stick to the positive changes I have made in my life, its all gonna be good. This doesn't stop the fear though, or the paranoia.

All this stress is ok though. At the end of the day, I've already dropped 2 dress sizes, so my self confidence is constantly rising. I'm fitter (a little bit anyway). I'm healther. I'm a better example for my son. Once I lose my weight, I am learning to swim. Its actually quite awesome. The only thing ow will be sticking to it, and not giving in to my small stash of 'emergency Mars Bars'.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Insert something clever or funny here...I'm too tired to think of anything!

I have had a beautiful day today. Because of the hours I work I only get 2 full days a fortnight to spend with my boy these days. Today was one of them. We started the day with a swimming lesson, which he loves, and I hate. I have a fear of swimming pools, I can't swim, and I hate the humid, horrid atmosphere in the pool area. So, as any good mother would, I went and watched my boy diving into the deep end of our local pool while sweating like a pig and freaking out incase he drowns. This is my least favourite part of my weekend with him! Then, all we did was come home and mong out with a DVD, and his crazy bones. It was the coolest Saturday I have had for a long while.

Tomorrow, we have a similar plan, unless its as nice as it was today...if the sun is shining then we are going out!!

That really is all my news...thou I did empty my loft and my shed...I'm excited by that, but I could see how no-one else would be!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

LOVING the wireless

seriously...why have I never had wireless before???? I'm loving being sat on my bed and online too. Admittedly I have to take the puta back downstairs in a minute to do more cleaning...but still...very cool to have wireless. My next project will be going online on Animal Crossing...cos I love that game and the kids accidently deleted my years worth of playing...I need to steal some fish and bugs!!

Other than that I am not quite sure why I'm blogging...I've had such a dull day...I got up, went to work, came home, and started the housework. That's it. I still need to get a life....can you buy them these days??? Oh well, if something exciting does happen I'll just have to blog again!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Check the new rockin' blog!

Its been a while since I revamped my blog, so it was one of the things that ended up on the list of things I wanted to do as soon as I got back online.

While revamping, and hanging around, I realised how funny and interesting I used to I just work too much! But this will change...I am determined to blog more, and start TTing again, and my Tackle it Tuesdays...cos frankly my house could do with it!

For now, I'm just gonna go and actually do some housework now, cos I've been on here for far too long...or maybe I'll surf for cool widgets!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

RAHH...I'm back online!!!!

'I am back online...I am back online...yay me...yay me!'

That's actually about it at the moment!!! I'm full of cold...not just any cold...the boy has given me man-flu. I spent the evening letting Phil run round for me...getting me coffee, medicine, a blanket...I may have milked it a little bit...but only a little bit, I truely feel like shit!

I also have new hair...I know, not that exciting...but I'm about rusty on the whole blogging thing...I wanna update my template and all sorts of other things...I'm getting there!