Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Cos I'm finally back to tackling things!!! I'm not quite sure why I got out of the habit, but I'm back into it with a vengence!!!!

I have this big plan to redecorate my son's bedroom for his 6th birthday. Its not till July, but still, I needed the place tidy in order to get an idea of what I can do. He has too many toys, and his room is not used to its best, but all of a sudden today, I felt a need to deal with it all. I AM MAD. So here it is

This is his bookcase. He likes books as much as me, and I have happily spent far too much money on making sure he has books that he likes, that will help him learn to read and that are fun. It did look like this...

And looks like this...
His toy and clothes cupboards were utter madness, spilling out onto the floor, as only a small child looking for that 1 piece of lego he had 20 weeks ago for 5 minutes can achieve...

And now they look like he is a human child instead of a small howler monkey!!!!

He also had an additional pile of toys hidden behind his door...
which soon went away with a little hard work leaving...
Oh, and I made his bed all pretty too...

What amazes me the most is just how many toys he has. He's only 5. I think that people think I don't let him play or something so keep buying him toys!!!! I'm going to have to go through all of them before July just so that I can fit them into a space smaller than a people carrier!!!!!!
Thats it for now. I have other news, but it doesnt need to go in this post!

Monday, January 29, 2007

My life is just a lil bit interesting!

honest it is, it really is. I just spent 3 HOURS on my balcony, freezing my ass off talking about sex, drugs and rock and roll with my very straight but very sexy neighbour (lets see how long before the rumours hit my street!!!!LOL) It really was immense fun and I recommend it to anyone. I also got to see my lover in passing, who knows, maybe one day, soon I hope, he'll have an evening where he is allowed to carve out an hour or two for me. I live in hope eternal. And need to take out stocks in Duracell I reckon, I AM the reason they are still in business!!!!


I walked in to work twice today. Both times I didnt stop long enough to hear about the woes of the staff. Even I was impressed with myself. Though I'm not doing so well as you think. I only left as quick as I did because....wait for it........I DONT CARE ANYMORE.


I've spoken to about 90% of my friends today, for various reasons and various different levels of chaos in their lives. On the plus side, mine is going fine so thats actually kinda nice!!!!


Thats about it I reckon. I was gonna talk about my feelings, as I do actually have them, despite the fact that I appear to merely have a black hole for a heart. But then I got thinking, I can bore you all to death with them tomorrow instead, cos right now, I'm too hyper to discuss D&M stuff!!!

Night all, I'm off to do a little stalking!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I should not be allowed to get this bored

cos just look at what happens when I do!!!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Ultimate Blog Party March 2-9

A little random, but fantastic!!!!

I just found out about The Ultimate Blog Party and it sounds FABULOUS.

From what I can tell, its basically exactly what it sounds like. A week long blog party. A chance to interact with as many other bloggers as possible, and to meet new friends and so on and so forth.

Just below my archive links in my sidebar you'll find an invitation button. I have a feeling it links to the same place as the link in this post. Theres prizes and other stuff as well..........its sounds like so much fun, so expect some party-worthy changes around here soon!!!!


But I have a REALLY good excuse or two...

Number one is work. It's gotten so very very bad that I can't even walk in there without feeling my blood start to boil slowly. It just gets me so worked up at the moment, because its the sort of place where we're expected to cope, regardless of what the Head Office, or the staff choose to throw at us. If I had an option, I'd resign tomorrow. But I don't. So, Graeme can now relax cos I aint going anywhere for at least the next couple of months!

Number two is Waterstones. It is a beautiful, beautiful shop. HOWEVER, they should never EVER EVER be allowed to do a 3 for the price of 2 deal on Tess Gerritsen. I have new books!!!

Number three is the HUNDINGER of a cold I have right now. I feel like s**t. Ah well, theres nothing I can do about it except grit my teeth and carry on while dreaming of sleeping!

Thats probably all of the good excuses I have, the others are simply laziness and lack of anything exciting going on!!!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13

Thirteen Things I should cook more often.

An odd one today, because I'm hungry, I'm starting to realize just how much I miss cooking for people, and, trying to pick a topic for my 13th 13 was far more difficult than it should have been!!!!!! Happy TT all! there ever a point where you've eaten too much when it comes to this? If there is I havent found it yet!

2...Devil's food chocolate cake.....moist, dark, rich and oh so very delicious! I dont often eat cakes that I've baked but with this one, I have to be careful that I dont eat the whole thing!

3...Bread.....whenever the world gets too much I bake bread. Theres something about the smell of it baking, and then, spliting open a warm roll fresh from the oven and putting REAL butter in it that makes everything alright with the world.

4...Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice.....One of my ultimate favourite 'foods-from-a-jar' (at least the sauce is) quick, easy and so so yummy!!

5...Sausage, Mash and gravy....comfort food, without a doubt my definate comfort food. If I have had a bad day, I climb into my fuzziest jammies and curl up with mashed potato!

6...Egg and Bacon Sandwiches. Of course, I dont mean a healthy sort!! I mean hot, fresh baked bread, sliced as thickly as I can get away with, slathered in real butter, with 4 rashers of well done bacon and 2 fried eggs, with runny yolks, covered with ketchup or brown sauce. I'm so hungry now!!

7...Pizza. Its one of the few 'fast' foods that I will actually cook from scratch. I use what started life as a variation of a pasta sauce for the topping, because I personally love a well covered pizza, as well as making the base as 'deep-pan' as I can!!!

8...Potato Salad....mainly because when I make one it has things like cold chicken, apple, raisans, celery, cucumber, mustard and other things in. Its one of those things I make when I have random things left in the fridge!

9...Steak Pie.....I will admit that I am a bad bad person and I dont make shortcrust pastry...I just cant...I make suet pastry. I'll make a stew, and cook it for about 12 hours until its all so tender and, well, just really nice, and then I'll have stew and dumplings one night, and a steak pie the next. Fattening, unhealthy and so very fullfilling!

10...Chocolate Fudge Cake....Theres really no reason to cook this anymore, cos it's just me and the boy..........but I do love it.

11...Fry-ups....I love fry-ups, but I love them best when I cook them! I wont eat one when I'm out for breakfast anymore, but I will cook one on Christmas Morning every year.

12...Roasts.....I love good, old-fashioned, simple food, the roast dinner being one of my favourites. The problem is that the boy isnt too impressed by them, so whenever I cook a roast, I'm cooking for just me. I cant really justify it, so my cooking of roasts has dropped to once a year too!

13...Fruit above, good, and simple food. And the one dessert that I will both cook and eat on the same day, with fresh single cream!!!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Random musings, as I can't really be arsed to blog properly!

First off, a comment on the song. Its a song called 'Do It Anyway' by Martina McBride, and it's fast becomming my very own personal anthem! It is stunning!!!!

In other news...............


hang on a minute..................

there must be something...............

D'oh! Short of my son's eye appointment tomorrow, my lack of a babysitter for tomorrow night, my increasing frustration with my neighbours and other animals (such as Emma.......really been pushing my buttons today) and my lovely neighbour Amy, who has a thing for cat strap-ons, thats all I have to report!!!

Enjoy the song!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My life is very dull!

Despite the title I do have a little bit of good news. I managed to go 14 1/2 hours before I absolutely had to have a cigarette. YAY ME! I do want to give up, but I'm not quite ready to, but still, I'm proud of myself (well, hell, someone has to be!)

Oh and I found this site called Widgetbox. It's actually quite fantastic. It's a place where you can find all the widgets for blogs in one place. It rocks!!

And, for anyone who wants to know, the MP3 on the post below, is POISON by GROOVE COVERAGE......and it is stunning!!!!! I spent most of the night rocking to it all by myself.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Test Run


some wacky things may go on here for a while, I accidently screwed up my template! D'OH

I found this over at Taking the Scenic Route to Joy, and thought it was a giggle!


So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... and alot of the songs fit with the setting.

Opening Credits: Leanne Rimmes - But I do Love You
Waking Up: Lee Ann Womack - I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something
First Day At School: Garth Brooks - Standing Outside the Fire
Falling In Love: Shania Twain - I Aint no Quitter
Fight Song: The Wreckers - One More Girl
Breaking Up: Miranda Lambert - Between You & Your Memory
Prom: Garth Brooks - That Summer
Life: Garth Brooks - She's Gonna Make It
Mental Breakdown: Shania Twain - UP! (LOLOLOLOLOLOL)
Driving: Brooks and Dunn - She's the Kind of Trouble
Flashback: Garth Brooks - Longneck Bottle
Getting back together: Carrie Underwood - Crazy
Wedding: Shania Twain - Forever and Always
Birth of Child: Amy Studt - Misfit
Final Battle: Brooks and Dunn - Tonight the Bottle Let me Down
Death Scene: Martina Mcbride - God's Will
Funeral Song: Martina Mcbride - I Hope You Dance
End Credits: Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Closer to Believing

Friday, January 12, 2007

To my Parents

Happy 18th Anniversary.

Not for you two, you have been together far longer than that, but for us. It was 18 years ago today that I moved in with you permanently, and for that I am forever grateful.

I know we have our ups and downs, and I know we all annoy each other like crazy sometimes. Despite all that, I wouldn't change a moment of the last 18 years for absolutely anything.

Being with you has shaped my life, has changed the path I was on to one that is brighter, happier and contains more hope than you can imagine. And I thank you for that.

You guys truly saved me, made my life bearable. Without you, I would be nothing, instead I am your daughter, and so proud of that fact. If I hadn't moved in with you all those years ago, I know exactly where I'd be right now, and it's not somewhere where I would be able to be accepted into society. But I am, because of you.

The debt I owe you is huge, is insurmountable, and all I can do to repay you is live my life as you have shown me, make you proud of me, bring my child up how you brought me up, not how I was brought up before.

I couldn't imagine my life without you, you are both by far the most influential people in my life, and among the most important.

I love you both very much, and thank you for all the effort, time and love you have given to give me a chance at a life.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well I survived!

It's true, I survived my birthday!!!

It was lonely, and dull, and boring, and HASSLE FREE! YAY!!! For about the first year I can actually remember, not one single crappy thing happened!!!

Thats actually about all my news, on account of the fact that I barely leave the house, am incredibly short on money, and have no life.

Ah well, and I had to pop this song on, when I was pregnant Phil would play this over and over in the car, and for some reason I wanted to hear it again!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year, New Things, and so on and so forth

Teeny-tiny post today.

I have added to my side bar today. It's a widget powered by Library Thing, a wonderful site that lets you catalogue your books online. I just went through a couple of my favourite authors and the books I own by them, and my list totals 103 already!!*blushes*.

So, anyway, this thing I've added shows a random selection of books from my library, which frankly, I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys reading!!!

Thats it for now...Apart from a prewarning for anyone trying to get in touch with me tomoro...I will be offline, my land line will be unplugged and my mobile, thou it will be on for the school just incase, will not be answered or replied to unless it is the school. This is not because I'm being unsociable, but because I don't want to talk to anyone tomoro!!!!! Anyone who knows me will understand!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Random facts about me.

1…I DETEST mushrooms. Even the smell of them makes me ill.

2...I have really small feet. (Well, I did say random facts!)

3...I can read a 400 page book in approx. 3 hours.

4...I can play the Piano (Grade 5), Clarinet (also Grade 5) and every member of the Recorder family (again at Grade 5).

5...I have only cried in front of 4 people since I was 7.

6...I'm actually far more intelligent than my job, mannerisms and character convey.

7...My English Lit 'A'-Level result was the highest in my college, and I slept thru half of each exam, still managing to produce over 14 handwritten sheets of A4 for each exam and my coursework (2 essays, one on sympathising with the character of Stanley in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' and one exploring the impact that being childhood outcasts had on Jane Eyre from 'Jane Eyre' and Heathcliff from 'Wuthering Heights' as they reached adulthood and took their places in society) took me a total of 12 hours to complete.

8...My greatest achievement in life will always be my son, even if I went on to impact the world somehow, it would still be my boy.

9...If there's a big-ass spider in my house I have to get my mother over to catch it.

10...I have a really, really high pain threshhold.

11...I have discussed parts of my childhood with only 2 people. Neither of which I turned to when I had to face my biological mother in November.

12...If I can do it myself I will. I will only turn to people if I have no other choice.

13...I found this list really, really hard to write!

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pondering stuffs, as I occasionally do!

Well, I do.

Once, a person I counted as a true friend told me that when he was feeling all out of sorts he turned to his music. As he was a DJ and a little bit odd, I didn't really put much stock in it...much like I don't put much stock in the theory that if you believe in God and need an answer you just open your Bible and point at a verse. It's a theory that doesn't hold much water as it can be interpreted to fit each individual therefore lacks some sort of elegence to me.

However, feeling a lot out of sorts and very funky, I was cluching at straws and decided to give the music thing a try. I had tried meditation, cleaning, nesting, reading, you name it, all those things that normally allow me to compartmentalize my emotions and none of them had I turned to my music. And I have to say, after dressing up (for myself, how sad is that exactly) and donning my heels, I popped my headphones on and have spent the last hour exhasting myself headbanging, dancing and laughing. Perhaps there is something in this music thing. I was just bummed out that I couldn't sing's far too late for that!!!

In other news...we must worship my little man. This morning, despite being short on sleep, he got up at 7am and was bathed, dressed and was sat eating his breakfast by 7:30am. I know I have it easy because there's only one of him, but you have to admit that is quite impressive!!!!!

I then went into town under the misguided assumption that I actually had money in the bank. This was a cruel lie that the cashpoint told me last night BEFORE the Direct Debits came out. So, I get into town with a £5 note and nothing else. This really made me feel awful. For one thing, I had my heart set on the new Karin Slaughter novel, which was in the bookstore this morning...and had a £4 off sticker on it, so they wouldn't put it to one side for me. But never fear...tomorrow morning I SHALL BE ON THEIR DOORSTEP WHEN THEY OPEN...THAT BOOK WILL BE MINE!

Despite the downer I was on, I went and bought some milk, a paper and some crossiants, and then realized I had just enough to afford a take-away coffee from the new coffee house in town. Their coffee is DIVINE. I went in on Sunday with Emily for a quick coffee and had a giant mocha, with just the right amount of chocolate and REAL WHIPPED CREAM. I could actually feel my ass getting bigger with every mouthful, but it was worth it, so very worth it. I'm just glad we both managed to resist the beautiful 'double chunk chocolate fugde' cake...though not for long, even now, far, far away from it and in the middle of the night, I can hear it calling my name. Seductive and gentle, this tiny whisper saying 'eat me, you know you want to' **NOTE: This is a representation of what THE CAKE is saying...just for all you perverts out there** So, anyway, my point, because I was making one, was that I went and bought this beautiful latte and went and sat and read my paper and drank my coffee. For once, I used the last of my money to treat myself to something that I didn't need but I did want.

I think thats about it for now...I wasn't really intending to ramble on this much, it's so unlike me!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Self reflection and general babble.

Randomly, I need to find somewhere that has this song on Karoke. I miss getting up, in a dingy crowded pub, and strutting my stuff, and its been a full 18 months since I last did so, so any help would be gratefully recieved!

In other news, ummm, not much really. I need to meditate tonight, as my head is too full of 'stuff'. Hurt and anger are in there, along with some betrayal and general negativity. I need t o have a bit of a spring clean in my head....maybe posting AFTER that would have been a better idea.

About 6 months ago, I made a point of pampering myself once a week, religioulsly. That, among other things that are for me more than anyone else have fallen to the wayside recently, so I also need to get that sort of thing back on track.

So, I am taking my randomness and craziness to one side and will post once there is less in my head!