Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Randomness abound!

HEY ALL......seems I actually have actual people who visit this blog, people who arent my friends, but come here anyway........YAY.

Am feeling really really random a chaotic way, so thought I'd have a ramble on here while I potter about in my pretty pink (yes I DO own that colour) sundress (ok, I'll admit, I stole it off Kimmy......but I do look good!)

On the note of Kimmy, I was only expecting to see Amanda and Elise today, so imagine how thrilled I was when Kimmy, Skye and Katy came too!!!!!! For 45 hectic minutes I had 3 under 3's in my front room!!!!! Edward was apparently thrilled too.......I'm not too sure, as he was asleep when I got in (worships Manda for the peace and quiet!)

Work was actually fun...........thou, this may be because, for some reason, Graeme has the ability t0 make me a girl..........which is probably a good thing, and it does make work fun. Also managed to get all bar 2 trolleys (one of soft drinks that would all go out and one of sweets) done, and only had to leave two extra cages of backstock.........which I consider a good thing as we go a lot of promo stuff in.

I also wanted to thank Steph from the MSN group I'm a member of for the pic at the top of this post........isnt it pretty?!!!!

And I think thats it, its been a chaotic day, but I can't quite pin down the reasons why!


Graeme said...

I can't see the picture :(

Anonymous said...

well it sounds like you work in a really fab place, if i was you i would resign!! Or on second thoughts get rid of the manager he is a waste of space then all your problems would be solved!!!!

Graeme said...

Thanks mister...and there was me thinking we were getting along ;)