Saturday, June 10, 2006

I wanna take my ball and go home now please!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN I HURT!!!!!!!!!

I get to work this morning, to find that there is 11 cages, 8 of them still wrapped from yesterdays delivery to work, as well as all the normal Saturday jobs, it being World Cup game day and too too hot!!!!!

I lifted £3000 today, in six hours, which I think is fantastic considering that really we are only a small store.......but then I think about all that work and start to sweat!!!! Ness and I managed to get all bar 2 cages worked, 1 was backstock crisps and the other was sweets, so no great shakes for Sue and Melissa to do. And on top of all the work we had to do, James called in we lost a pair of hands too!

It's just really annoying that we go in there and really work hard.........I think 9 cages in 6 hours while also being on the till, doing lifts, dealing with customers and everything else is really good.............but then last night, all that was done was the stock Ness had spotted, nothing else was touched, no cages opened and worked or anything.................GRRRRRRRRRRR.....I'm sure that they realise I am in and think that I am a mug...........cos the people in the evenings the night before I work never really do much, yet by the time I leave, I've done my stuff and theirs! I should really stop doing this..........but I'm thinking that my surprise weekend off (thank you Graeme, I may have to worship you!) will make them realise that they need to do their work on a Friday night!!!!!!!!!!!

And thats it, as I hurt, my muscles ache, my knees been playing up all day and I need a bath (thou I dont know if I can get out after I get in) and to sleep like the dead before work tomoro!


Graeme said...

Ohh the lazy people!! Currently lording it up in a posh hotel in Bournemouth. Sun is shining, and England won their first game, so all is good. However, I am concerned to think that the bloody lazy bastards left you all that work to do. As for people phoning in sick...hmm, England's first match + straight man = skive?!!

Fantastic news on all the lifts, appreciate all you do sweetie!! XXX