Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Morning All

First a comment on the song........watched the film the other night and just had to post this song, as it made me smile, and thought that those of us with the 'Summertime Blues' could do with a smile!

Then, a small worship of Graeme................when I got into work last night, everything had been done! For what I think may have been the first shift that I have worked in a long time, I just had to do my own jobs.....which meant that I had time to sweep and mop out the back, and had done everything by 8!!!!!!!!! All I had to do between 8-10 was face up, so the store looked fabulous this morning, and Paul even swept and mopped the shop floor properly. The only downside of my shift was the fact that when I took my till off, I managed to drop it!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, my mother has my blood boiling, for far to many reasons to list here, and more than I want to go into...........thou I will mention that she had the audacity to ask if I do drugs. Does this woman KNOW me?????????

And on that happy note, I'm off to try and sort out the house, get ready for work, and generally try to bring order to chaos!!!!


Jack said...

Hey babe. Can't believe after all you do for your mum she asks if you do drugs!

Oh, and thanks for the song, it did give me a little smile.

Graeme said...

In all fairness, it wasn't just me!

Graeme said...

but hey, I'll take the credit anyway