Saturday, June 10, 2006


I've actually had quite a busy evening........

First I get a phone call from see if I could go BACK to work..........we'll ignore the fact that I had only been home 2 hours at this point. The problem is that the evening supervisor didnt all.........apart from when she popped over from the pub to buy fags this morning!!!! Poor Ness couldnt do it as her other half was out......I couldnt cos I couldnt get a I offered to come in early, but cant do that as I cant get hold of Philip to sort it out and see if he can pick the boy up at normal time.

Then I phoned Ness for a gossip......when she used to live 2 doors down, we'd speak at least every day, and spend hours on the phone........but we kinda dropped out of touch until I started working with her again........which is nice........cos I kinda think of her as a sister anyway, and have shared so much with her over the years, that its nice to get that back......we're even going to go out for a drink next week!

On the note of old friends, and shared secrets and laughter, I saw one of my closest friends this week. Ryan and I have always had the sort of friendship that doesnt matter how long you dont see each other for, you just seem to pick back up from where you left. And his friendship, like Nessie's, has always been something that I consider precious. So, when he popped into work to see me, and have a chat, and tell me how close he had moved to where I live I have to admit to being absolutely tickled pink that we are back in touch again.......................theres something about true friends that makes a body warm from the inside out.