Sunday, March 25, 2007

I hope you're sitting down!

For the two regular readers (hey, I can admit that there are only two of you!) prepare yourself for this announcement. If anyone else has been reading regularly you too should suspend your disbelief for this...


Not the half ass friends that we have been since September. Not the sort of friends who spend all day trying to get dirt on each other, but ACTUAL friends.

I really mean it, I am not trying to scare anyone, and I really am not lying, we are back to the proper sort of friends that we need to be, for ourselves and for Edward.

Its nice actually. (I'm sorry if anyone actually hurt themselves there). This friendship we have worked for. REALLY WORKED FOR. As in, we've been trying harder on this friendship than we ever did on our marriage. Its shameful to admit, I know, but we didn't try as hard as we should have on our marriage. We were not as honest with each other as we are now, and we didn't share as much as we should have. Since we split, we have been brutally honest with each other, we have shared things that we never had to know about one another, we've taken care of each others emotions much better and we have both accepted responsiblity for our mistakes during our marriage and relationship.

This is not to say that we are getting back together, because, folks, WE ARE NOT.

This isnt about still being in love, or not being over each other, and despite what some people may think, its REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY not because we're banging like rabbits, and no, I'm not protesting too much. Its just something that isnt happening, and sometimes, I feel that no matter how often I say that, there are people, who should know me, but who still doubt it. If we we're banging like rabbits then we'd be together. If I wanted him back in a relationship way, then I would have done that already. BUt our friendship is important to me. It is a treasured friendship, and when others think that we shouldnt be friends, then they are small minded and unable to accept that when you sweat blood to ensure there is a friendship then it is obviously worth fighting for.

In other gripping 'Tizzie' shaped news...


Thats it folks. I think that the first announcement was enough to keep all my faithful readers (all two of you) going for at least a day!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16

Thirteen Things that rock my world!!!!

1…My son, in all his glory, craziness and insanity!!!!!

2...Lindor Chocolate......they've just released a mint truffle one and they are INCREDIBLE!!!!

3...The Dresden Files on telly. I have all of Jim Butcher's books, and the television series ROCKS!

4...Books, lots and lots of books!!!!

5...Devil food chocolate cake. I love it, I want to eat it all the time, I get fatter just being in the same room as it!!!

6...The Blogosphere. I potter around here far more that you'd realise!!!

7...COFFEECOFFEECOFFEE...I truely could not live without coffee, I'm just glad Amy is just as bad as me!!!!

8...Ameretto flavoured coffee...OH MY S**T...THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

9...My work friends. How lucky am I to get to work with people that I actually like!!!!

10...Thunder storms. Big-ass, full on thunder storms. The ones where you turn all the lights off and spend the night just watching and listening to the weather.

11...Having money in the bank. It doesnt happen often, and doesnt stay there long, but it sure feels good when I've actually got some!!!

12...My Nindento DS. Its my guilty secret. I couldnt really afford it, but I was sick of sitting in a night with nothing to do, and it is so, so beautiful!!!

13...My friends. Despite the events of the last few weeks, they are still the best!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


yup, 'tis the first day of spring. Not that you'd know it from the weather, what with the bitter wind chill and the short flurries of snow we've been having, but the start of spring none the less.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, the first day of spring is where my mood lightens, I get my s**t together and I stop taking the aforementioned s**t. Given whats been going on in my life these last few weeks this is a good thing. Phil is gonna have to adjust to not being able to treat me like he does (I think maybe out of habit, I've taken it for so long that he thinks nothing of treating me badly) but other than that, for the next six months at least, I shouldn't hit bottom again!

I also got my groove back on at work today. When I got there, there were 3 extra cages in the stock room (now gone), 5 stocktakes to do (all done), far too many soft drinks to reduce (I THINK I got 'em all), and stock to work (a fair bit of it done). I rock. There is no doubt about this. I also ache, but that I'll get over. When I'm in a funk, my work suffers, and I find that so hard to live with, I like to be able to take pride in my work, and lately I havent been able to. I can today which has definately brightened my mood.

We have also started selling BIG-ASS cans of Red Bull, this too has contributed to my hyperness!!!!

And, today, Amy bought me a fridge magnet that says 'My family tree is full of nuts'!! So true, and I want fridge magnets, cos I've finally got a fridge that I can fill with my boys paintings and other things, so I NEED magnets!!!!!

In other news.......

I have had a fantastic phone call with Amanda. Its grounded me and put me back in my own skin.

I DIDNT fall out with Phil today, for the FIRST TIME in about 19 days (in a row, yes folks, IN A ROW, not that I sat with my calander tonight to work it out or anything)

I'm blogging again (in case no-one noticed...............I'M AN ATTENTION SLUT, PAY ATTENTION!!)

I intend to TT tomoro!!!!

My boy is wonderful, thou pushing me a little of late!!!

I may be addicted to !'s!!!!

Ebay is evil and is going to end up costing me THE EARTH...but I love it anyway!!!

And theres something else, that I should shout from the rooftops, but I'm not gonna, cos every girl needs a secret!!!!!!!!

Happy first day of spring everyone!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

An actual blog post!!!!!

ok, so I haven't blogged for a couple of reasons, one is that when you have actually sat and thought about how you would dispose of someone, its probably not a good idea to blog about it! Another is that the chaos in my life just lately has stunned even me, its like it has a target to reach, and is trying to beat it...if my life were work, we'd have beaten bugdet by about £1,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, a proper blog, about the good things in my life, cos a few have happened lately.

Good thing number 1...I went and got my hair cut. It is actually a really cute cut and I love it and am really happy with it. So happy in fact that it is also now a nice deep red colour again!!!

Good thing number 2...I got my paypal verified so I can get addicted to ebay!!!

Good thing number 3...My friendship with my neighbour is going from strength to strength, not bad for some one who hasnt made a friend outside of her job or school for about 7 years!!!

Good thing number 4...I am now the proud owner of a pink Nindento DS Lite!!!!!!!!!


Good thing number 6...I have permission to be in a relationship now from my ex-husband...HAHAHAHAHAHA the world is MINE!!!!!!

Good thing number 7...I seem to have found my sense of humour again.

Good thing number 8...I have cleared the air with my best friend. I dont ever want to have to do it again, but I am so happy I did, and so happy that things are back as they should be.

Good thing number 9...I had Chinese take out for the first time in about a year!

Good thing number 10...I had 9 good things to report!!!!!

Oh, and I am now Graemes 'second-in-command' at work, I am a Senior Shift Manager...Its a pig, but it rocks too...I got a promotion (dances a lil!)

Thats it for right now, but then I want to have some wine tonight, so maybe I'll post a drunken post later!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

sorry folks

I know that I havent posted in a while, and I'm not really doing a proper post now. Just enough so that people realize I'm still alive. thats it folks I'm afraid. I'll post when I'm feeling better.