Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Random Musings.

Its after midnight, so allow me a little randomness, I have been short on it lately!

First, work wasnt too bad, there was more stock than there really should have been, but I managed to get it done, and even managed to make the store look reasonably pretty.......then walked on my freshly mopped floor........D'OH.

I have been doing a lot of 'blog surfing' lately, and there will soon be many new links on my page, but I have to mention a couple.......

5 minutes for mom. this one HAS to be mentioned as it is a great read, a fantastic resource for us mums, and funny too! They have a thing called 'Tackle it Tuesday' where everyone taking part chooses a part of their house that needs tackling and tackles it, including before and after watch this space for frantic mastering of uploading photos to blogger (which hates me when I try to do it btw) in time to tackle something next Tuesday.


THIS IS FANTASTIC.....for those of you who use a blogger platform to create your blogs (sorry Dave, dont know how it would work for you).....I stumbled onto it, and found that it is basically a directory for the whole blogosphere. Imagine my surprise when I found my blog was already listed there, as is Graeme's, Adrian's, and probably loads of others that I wasnt bored enough to look for. You can 'claim your blog', see how many other blogs link to yours, who adds your blog in there posts etc, I had much fun on here, and it has links to practically anything you might want to find a blog or blog post about............I really recommend this one.

As for the others, I'll update my links page as soon as I get chance.

Thats about it folks, I would write something that would impact the world in some way, or spark some sort of huge philosphical debate but right now I am 1, too tired; 2, too self-absorbed (and unashamed to admit it!); and 3, well, I dont think THAT many people actually read this anyway!

A quickie!!!!!!!

So, a quick post, as I have to restore the trashed house before my sister babysits tonight, and work tonight (which could either be really good, or not as the case maybe, depending on how much gets done this afternoon).

For some reason, my body thought it was a good idea to stay up until 4am.......partly because I was really close to the end of my book (now I have to wait the best part of a year for the next one in the series) and partly because it hates me, and knew I had to be up early. So I get up at about 8 after the alarm went off forever, and tidied the house........which the boy then destroyed, I am sorely tempted to just not bother tidying until next week!

Then a full scale catastophe hit..........I RAN OUT OF TOILET ROLL.........this would never have happened when Phil lived here as he had some sort of fetish that involved buying about 200 rolls a month, but alas, with all the chaos, I managed to go to Tescos and still FORGOT...........................DAMNIT!!!!!!!!

And thats it, as my life is still rated a -7 on the 1-10 scale of dullness!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

a quick break from my book!

so, I succumbed, I went to Graeme's blog and had to try out the Seasme Street quiz.....turns out I am....

You Are Bert

Extremely serious and a little eccentric, people find you loveable - even if you don't love them!

You are usually feeling: Logical - you rarely let your emotions rule you

You are famous for: Being smart, a total neat freak, and maybe just a little evil

How you life your life: With passion, even if your odd passions (like bottle caps and pigeons) are baffling to others

YAY ME!!!!!!!
And today, I went carbooting with Em, followed by a spot of shopping in tonight I am gonna spend some quiet time with my book, my MP3 player (I got new batteries today) and possibly some wine, if I can find any in the house!!!!!!!!
******I have just realised how to leave a comment on my blog ......when you click to add a comment, it'll take you back to the home on 'blog' again, and scroll down, it should allow you to do it there........I think!!!!******************

Saturday, August 26, 2006

OPPS.......I have new books

SO, its been a while since I've posted properly. There is a valid reason for this that is other than the absolute chaos that is the SUMMER HOLIDAYS (a punishment for parents I think) So other than the fact that the small boy has trashed my house, cost me money in the form of new uniform stuff and generally been a nightmare, and that is that I have 'found' a new author who I love. George R. R. Martin, who's first book in the series I'm currently reading was 800 pages long! Its a fantasy epic written in glorious detail, and I can barely tear myself away from it to have a bath (actually I just take it with me, and take it to town as well) I'm on the fourth book, and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who loves David Eddings, cos its a lot like his writing but on a far grander scale. So, thats all I have to write today, as I took the boy to town and acccidently bought myself a new jigsaw too (I know how sad that is, honest I do) and I must go read, so that once I'm done reading I can puzzle. Maybe something exciting will happen next week!!!!!!!

Oh, thou I should mention the tit-ish-ness of my fellow staff. One in particular was asking that the afternoon staff take some of the load off of the evening supervisors. This was a valid request, as there is a lot to do of an evening. HOWEVER, not only was the staff member in question unable to 'take some of my load off' when she worked in the afternoon the other day, but she also left me the stuff SHE had been asked to do, which I did, cos I always do pick up the slack, but I am mighty pissed off by it, to the point where I may have told someone to NEVER help her out by doing evening work in the afternoon

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I think this might just be it!

AHHA.......I think that I have finally found my favourite template............i HOPE at least, cos I really cant be bothered to do anymore tonight at least!!!!!!

The tag board is now working........feel free to tag......PLEASE!!!!!!

Thats it for now I reckon!

Monday, August 21, 2006

tweaking the template still

ok folks, my apologies but I shall be messing about with the template again, for the next couple of days i reckon!!!!!! Feel free to comment on it as i go!!!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Am still tweaking this template, so there are a couple of things that arent working.....and i seem to have lost my archives somewhere!..........Commenting is enabled, but if you cant see the text, just hover your mouse just under where it says 'random ramblings' and it should show up. If theres something not wotking, then please leave a comment!!!!!

However, i do love this template, i think its very pretty!

I shall actually post a little later, but, am gonna have a play with templates, just to warn anyone who wanders in and realises that i actually let a monkey (possibly one of the ones that I'm sure hides in the stock room and messes up all my hard work) do my posting for me!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Return of the template

Ok, so I've returned to the original template......There is a reason for this, I have a big ass blog entry today and the other template just doesn't like them!!!!!!!

I began my day in a flurry of glasses hunting......Damn the boy, and then with a phone call from my mother that went something like this...Random chat, pointless noise, 'oh, let me chat to Edward.' now, being the good daughter I am I asked my son if he wanted to talk to granny.......Which he didn't.........However, this was apparently 'putting in a negative' (and what is that exactly? My mental pic involved a minus sign and my girl parts!). So on the second phone call, she asked to talk to him again, and I tried to hand him the phone.......It must be mentioned that he is 5, overtired, and not a morning person right now....His answer 'NO, I don't want to cos I hate her'.................Oh the shame.........This was something, that obviously I have trained him to say when I signal to him, being the trained seal that he is.................But never mind. Then there was some random 'Tizzie beating'.......Its the sport of the summer I'm telling ya! Then the debacle that was the CAB. I am not against the CAB, in fact, I think they do a wonderful and much needed job, and I donate whenever I can..............HOWEVER...............I went there, and saw a rather handsome young man (a miracle in itself), for an hour......And we sorted out a plan of action for dealing with Scottish Power, and away I went, happy that it was over............(another mistake of my day!).......I walk in the door, and there is a phone call, from the aforementioned handsome man, asking me to GO BACK IN........damnit, I barely had time to inhale my FIRST coffee of the day! But that's sorted out now, so I go to my mothers to do some cleaning, where she starts rattling on about my arrogance and generally having a beating session. It seems that I must speak in tongues or something, as when I said 'would you mind if I just pay attention to what I'm doing' and this is obviously code for 'I wont argue with what you are saying so feel free to follow around bitch-slapping me with my inadequacies' ARRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Then, icing on the cake, I FOUND HIS GLASSES.......ON MY BED...........WHERE I PUT THEM THIS MORNING............I am a tit.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wine is a beautiful beautiful thing and that is all I'm gonna say!

Someone pass the wine please...

Evenin' All!

I give up. The chaos is just never gonna end, so I am gonna do the only thing a girl in my position can do......put my feet up, pop a film on (possibly 'Shall We Dance' again) and have a nice glass of wine. Its the only option really!!

My boy decided that he wasnt gonna go to sleep till 11pm last night, which threw both our mornings off, mine cos I was tired, and his cos he strangely wasnt! Then I couldnt get a sitter for the boy, so had to phone work, thou I did get to explain some of the more crazy bits of the last couple of weeks, and then we did the normal trip to my Aunts. On our way back, the boy decided to declare that he (and i quote) 'didnt like the attitude i had on', and he was 'going to get his spider friends to eat me'. Have I mentioned how eagerly I am anticipating the return to school???????????????

So now, I am off to my wine and film, but before I disappear I must mention......every now and then, Graeme will send me an amusing text message, as he did today......the downside........I'm actually reading the text message, in a room by myself, and laughing like a crazy person.......this cant be a good thing!!!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

too long absent girl!

D'oh, I have barely had time to scratch my arse this last few weeks, i dont remember school holidays being so chaotic!!!!!!!

So far this summer holiday, the boy has had 4 birthdays! (day with me, day with daddy and his family, day out at Longdown Dairy Farm and a day with my family!) i have had 3 fillings and 3 extractions at the dentist......who is a closet sadist judging by the way he removed 2 of those teeth last week in the same appointment. A woman remaked to her daughter as she walked past that i looked a little young to have had a stroke......i was rather unimpressed, and i'll say this now, if Botox feels anything like what the dentist did to me, then there is never gonna be a chance of me having it!!!!! and, as ever, the shop has been in chaos. By unspoken agreement, staff have decided to phonle me instead of the Assistant manager if they have a a word.......GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.........this is one of the reasons i dont want to be assistant manager.....the phone calls. not only that, i've managed to lose £100 a month in Housing Benfit (along with the earlier loss of £120 from WFTC) simply because i was doing overtime! The chaos has not stopped, between the shop, my parents, the boy and everyone else, i've been going to bed after midnight, and getting up at about 6 just to have some space to sort out my paperwork for CAB, and to try to make my money stretch further. If anyone knows of a office job, 9-5 mon-fri, with a starting salary of at least £15,000 per annum within a 10 minute walk of the boys school, then please, i beg you, tell me!