Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pondering stuffs, as I occasionally do!

Well, I do.

Once, a person I counted as a true friend told me that when he was feeling all out of sorts he turned to his music. As he was a DJ and a little bit odd, I didn't really put much stock in it...much like I don't put much stock in the theory that if you believe in God and need an answer you just open your Bible and point at a verse. It's a theory that doesn't hold much water as it can be interpreted to fit each individual therefore lacks some sort of elegence to me.

However, feeling a lot out of sorts and very funky, I was cluching at straws and decided to give the music thing a try. I had tried meditation, cleaning, nesting, reading, you name it, all those things that normally allow me to compartmentalize my emotions and none of them had I turned to my music. And I have to say, after dressing up (for myself, how sad is that exactly) and donning my heels, I popped my headphones on and have spent the last hour exhasting myself headbanging, dancing and laughing. Perhaps there is something in this music thing. I was just bummed out that I couldn't sing's far too late for that!!!

In other news...we must worship my little man. This morning, despite being short on sleep, he got up at 7am and was bathed, dressed and was sat eating his breakfast by 7:30am. I know I have it easy because there's only one of him, but you have to admit that is quite impressive!!!!!

I then went into town under the misguided assumption that I actually had money in the bank. This was a cruel lie that the cashpoint told me last night BEFORE the Direct Debits came out. So, I get into town with a £5 note and nothing else. This really made me feel awful. For one thing, I had my heart set on the new Karin Slaughter novel, which was in the bookstore this morning...and had a £4 off sticker on it, so they wouldn't put it to one side for me. But never fear...tomorrow morning I SHALL BE ON THEIR DOORSTEP WHEN THEY OPEN...THAT BOOK WILL BE MINE!

Despite the downer I was on, I went and bought some milk, a paper and some crossiants, and then realized I had just enough to afford a take-away coffee from the new coffee house in town. Their coffee is DIVINE. I went in on Sunday with Emily for a quick coffee and had a giant mocha, with just the right amount of chocolate and REAL WHIPPED CREAM. I could actually feel my ass getting bigger with every mouthful, but it was worth it, so very worth it. I'm just glad we both managed to resist the beautiful 'double chunk chocolate fugde' cake...though not for long, even now, far, far away from it and in the middle of the night, I can hear it calling my name. Seductive and gentle, this tiny whisper saying 'eat me, you know you want to' **NOTE: This is a representation of what THE CAKE is saying...just for all you perverts out there** So, anyway, my point, because I was making one, was that I went and bought this beautiful latte and went and sat and read my paper and drank my coffee. For once, I used the last of my money to treat myself to something that I didn't need but I did want.

I think thats about it for now...I wasn't really intending to ramble on this much, it's so unlike me!


Jack said...

Wouldn't be Cafe Nero would it? Had one of their black coffees could feel the caffeine kicking in from the first sip it was that strong. Fantastic. Oh, and you should try Starbucks too...much the same. Get the biggest "drink in" cup and it's like a litre of coffee for about £1.75!