Monday, January 29, 2007

My life is just a lil bit interesting!

honest it is, it really is. I just spent 3 HOURS on my balcony, freezing my ass off talking about sex, drugs and rock and roll with my very straight but very sexy neighbour (lets see how long before the rumours hit my street!!!!LOL) It really was immense fun and I recommend it to anyone. I also got to see my lover in passing, who knows, maybe one day, soon I hope, he'll have an evening where he is allowed to carve out an hour or two for me. I live in hope eternal. And need to take out stocks in Duracell I reckon, I AM the reason they are still in business!!!!


I walked in to work twice today. Both times I didnt stop long enough to hear about the woes of the staff. Even I was impressed with myself. Though I'm not doing so well as you think. I only left as quick as I did because....wait for it........I DONT CARE ANYMORE.


I've spoken to about 90% of my friends today, for various reasons and various different levels of chaos in their lives. On the plus side, mine is going fine so thats actually kinda nice!!!!


Thats about it I reckon. I was gonna talk about my feelings, as I do actually have them, despite the fact that I appear to merely have a black hole for a heart. But then I got thinking, I can bore you all to death with them tomorrow instead, cos right now, I'm too hyper to discuss D&M stuff!!!

Night all, I'm off to do a little stalking!!