Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13

Thirteen Things I should cook more often.

An odd one today, because I'm hungry, I'm starting to realize just how much I miss cooking for people, and, trying to pick a topic for my 13th 13 was far more difficult than it should have been!!!!!! Happy TT all! there ever a point where you've eaten too much when it comes to this? If there is I havent found it yet!

2...Devil's food chocolate cake.....moist, dark, rich and oh so very delicious! I dont often eat cakes that I've baked but with this one, I have to be careful that I dont eat the whole thing!

3...Bread.....whenever the world gets too much I bake bread. Theres something about the smell of it baking, and then, spliting open a warm roll fresh from the oven and putting REAL butter in it that makes everything alright with the world.

4...Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice.....One of my ultimate favourite 'foods-from-a-jar' (at least the sauce is) quick, easy and so so yummy!!

5...Sausage, Mash and gravy....comfort food, without a doubt my definate comfort food. If I have had a bad day, I climb into my fuzziest jammies and curl up with mashed potato!

6...Egg and Bacon Sandwiches. Of course, I dont mean a healthy sort!! I mean hot, fresh baked bread, sliced as thickly as I can get away with, slathered in real butter, with 4 rashers of well done bacon and 2 fried eggs, with runny yolks, covered with ketchup or brown sauce. I'm so hungry now!!

7...Pizza. Its one of the few 'fast' foods that I will actually cook from scratch. I use what started life as a variation of a pasta sauce for the topping, because I personally love a well covered pizza, as well as making the base as 'deep-pan' as I can!!!

8...Potato Salad....mainly because when I make one it has things like cold chicken, apple, raisans, celery, cucumber, mustard and other things in. Its one of those things I make when I have random things left in the fridge!

9...Steak Pie.....I will admit that I am a bad bad person and I dont make shortcrust pastry...I just cant...I make suet pastry. I'll make a stew, and cook it for about 12 hours until its all so tender and, well, just really nice, and then I'll have stew and dumplings one night, and a steak pie the next. Fattening, unhealthy and so very fullfilling!

10...Chocolate Fudge Cake....Theres really no reason to cook this anymore, cos it's just me and the boy..........but I do love it.

11...Fry-ups....I love fry-ups, but I love them best when I cook them! I wont eat one when I'm out for breakfast anymore, but I will cook one on Christmas Morning every year.

12...Roasts.....I love good, old-fashioned, simple food, the roast dinner being one of my favourites. The problem is that the boy isnt too impressed by them, so whenever I cook a roast, I'm cooking for just me. I cant really justify it, so my cooking of roasts has dropped to once a year too!

13...Fruit above, good, and simple food. And the one dessert that I will both cook and eat on the same day, with fresh single cream!!!

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amy said...

I am trying to eat good, but I want recipes for all of those..I wish i could cook half of those

Caylynn said...

Yummy! Especially 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7. I love fresh bread, but without the butter.

Happy T13. :)

Jenny Ryan said...