Tuesday, August 15, 2006

too long absent girl!

D'oh, I have barely had time to scratch my arse this last few weeks, i dont remember school holidays being so chaotic!!!!!!!

So far this summer holiday, the boy has had 4 birthdays! (day with me, day with daddy and his family, day out at Longdown Dairy Farm and a day with my family!) i have had 3 fillings and 3 extractions at the dentist......who is a closet sadist judging by the way he removed 2 of those teeth last week in the same appointment. A woman remaked to her daughter as she walked past that i looked a little young to have had a stroke......i was rather unimpressed, and i'll say this now, if Botox feels anything like what the dentist did to me, then there is never gonna be a chance of me having it!!!!! and, as ever, the shop has been in chaos. By unspoken agreement, staff have decided to phonle me instead of the Assistant manager if they have a a word.......GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.........this is one of the reasons i dont want to be assistant manager.....the phone calls. not only that, i've managed to lose £100 a month in Housing Benfit (along with the earlier loss of £120 from WFTC) simply because i was doing overtime! The chaos has not stopped, between the shop, my parents, the boy and everyone else, i've been going to bed after midnight, and getting up at about 6 just to have some space to sort out my paperwork for CAB, and to try to make my money stretch further. If anyone knows of a office job, 9-5 mon-fri, with a starting salary of at least £15,000 per annum within a 10 minute walk of the boys school, then please, i beg you, tell me!


Graeme said...

Um not that I condone this in anyway, but couldn't you have said no to the overtime?! (I know you love to help and it's all appreciated but I don't like to think that you're suffering because of it) xx

Tizzie said...

I could have, but then, the shop would have shut early more than once last fortnight!!!!

jack said...

Poor pwincess *hug* If there's anything I can do to help, I'm always just a phone call away