Thursday, August 17, 2006

Someone pass the wine please...

Evenin' All!

I give up. The chaos is just never gonna end, so I am gonna do the only thing a girl in my position can do......put my feet up, pop a film on (possibly 'Shall We Dance' again) and have a nice glass of wine. Its the only option really!!

My boy decided that he wasnt gonna go to sleep till 11pm last night, which threw both our mornings off, mine cos I was tired, and his cos he strangely wasnt! Then I couldnt get a sitter for the boy, so had to phone work, thou I did get to explain some of the more crazy bits of the last couple of weeks, and then we did the normal trip to my Aunts. On our way back, the boy decided to declare that he (and i quote) 'didnt like the attitude i had on', and he was 'going to get his spider friends to eat me'. Have I mentioned how eagerly I am anticipating the return to school???????????????

So now, I am off to my wine and film, but before I disappear I must mention......every now and then, Graeme will send me an amusing text message, as he did today......the downside........I'm actually reading the text message, in a room by myself, and laughing like a crazy person.......this cant be a good thing!!!!!


Graeme said...

I think the amusing txt message was so worth the price of the text. And just so you don't feel alone in this world, I laughed out loud in the middle of Tesco when it came through to my phone.......and everyone thought that I was crazy!! But hey I am aren't I? Who knows.