Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Random Musings.

Its after midnight, so allow me a little randomness, I have been short on it lately!

First, work wasnt too bad, there was more stock than there really should have been, but I managed to get it done, and even managed to make the store look reasonably pretty.......then walked on my freshly mopped floor........D'OH.

I have been doing a lot of 'blog surfing' lately, and there will soon be many new links on my page, but I have to mention a couple.......

5 minutes for mom. this one HAS to be mentioned as it is a great read, a fantastic resource for us mums, and funny too! They have a thing called 'Tackle it Tuesday' where everyone taking part chooses a part of their house that needs tackling and tackles it, including before and after watch this space for frantic mastering of uploading photos to blogger (which hates me when I try to do it btw) in time to tackle something next Tuesday.


THIS IS FANTASTIC.....for those of you who use a blogger platform to create your blogs (sorry Dave, dont know how it would work for you).....I stumbled onto it, and found that it is basically a directory for the whole blogosphere. Imagine my surprise when I found my blog was already listed there, as is Graeme's, Adrian's, and probably loads of others that I wasnt bored enough to look for. You can 'claim your blog', see how many other blogs link to yours, who adds your blog in there posts etc, I had much fun on here, and it has links to practically anything you might want to find a blog or blog post about............I really recommend this one.

As for the others, I'll update my links page as soon as I get chance.

Thats about it folks, I would write something that would impact the world in some way, or spark some sort of huge philosphical debate but right now I am 1, too tired; 2, too self-absorbed (and unashamed to admit it!); and 3, well, I dont think THAT many people actually read this anyway!


Button said...

Hey you. Have just added my site to Technorati too. Thanks for the mention and letting me know about it. Love you.