Thursday, July 13, 2006

wired, wired, wired!!!!!

ARGHHH, I'm STILL buzzing from work. After all the chaos of the day, work was nice and relaxing (I know just how insane that sounds!). First off, Angie was allittle off with me, but we soon settled into a nice work routine. It was pretty busy, and my cleaning was HOUSEHOLD......which seemed to take forever, but I managed to get it done........I even managed to get the floor swept and mopped and most of the facing up was a little patchy but then there were alot of things that Angie needed help with on the till, and then there was the new 'Dream Number' game on the lottery, which means you have to do something different whenever you put a ticket in, or do a lucy dip for the Lotto, which took us a while to work out as no-one had mentioned it! At the end of the night Angie even said that she had really enjoyed working with me, as I was really relaxed about everything, and left her with no pressure and just got on and did things.....which I considered a real compliment......I take pride in my work, and its nice to hear that people think I'm doing a good job (I just love ethe attention really!). And Sue and Melisa even brought me a piece of fish for dinner.....bless them so much. The only problem with all of this is that I am really wide awake, and its school and then CAB tomoro morning so I should really sleep!!!!!!!!!


Graeme said...

lol @ bringing you a peice of fish!

Ange is cool, but sometimes a bit abrupt. She's demanded that I put Bob onto weekend evenigns and take them away from Paul.


Anonymous said...

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