Thursday, July 20, 2006

head rush going on

D'oh, I have a bit of a head rush going on from the first coffee and cigarette of the day!!!!

Yeaterday I had to take my boy to Southampton to get his eyes checked.....they're doing ok, don't need another check up for 3 months this time! (YAY). Then I had to take him to the Doctors, cos he's got an ear infection......luckily he isnt contagious so he's back to school today, but he does need er drops for a week.

Then, having accidently been awale for 36 hours, I passed out on the sofa at about 7, woke up at midnight, staggered upstairs and slept some more!!!!!!!

Today I am off to the dentists, I've managed to get one course of treatment on the NHS, so I'm going in to see what needs doing today, and hoping that my tax rebate com,es thru sometime soon, cos my WFTC has gone down by £3o a week.......the government is trying to see me starve I think!!!

Oh, and comment moderation is being turned on.......damn spammers!


Jack said...

Glad you're finally able to get your teeth seen to. And as for your money situation, you know you can still ask...

Graeme said...

lol @ the spammer thing...not sure if it is tho, as I had a similar comment just now and I already had comment moderation on!!!