Thursday, July 13, 2006

The chaos, the UTTER chaos!!!!

OMG............sometimes I wonder what my life must look like to other people. Most days just potter along....doing mums, then whatever I need to do, lookng after the boy and all seems pretty dull. Then you have a day like to today.

When I got to mums I realised that if I dont hoover then NO-ONE does....grrrrrr....I dont even LIVE there......but never mind.

Then I come home, and feeling hungry I went to cook myself a bowl of rice.....only to discover that.... MY GAS HAD BEEN CUT OFF. Now, me and the gas company have a history of problems. I try really hard not to actually name companies on here, even when I have a ligitamate complaint. But after all this today, I no longer care. Scottish Power supply my gas and electricity. I have been with them for 2 years, and in that time I have recieved a couple of electric bills (I have a key meter......esssentially 'pay-as-you-go electric) which are IMPOSSIBLE to run up as if I dont put money on my key then I dont have electric.....thats it and all about it, there's no room for manovure on this!!!!! But on the subject of the gas, they started by just sending me bills, with NO giro slips.........making it IMPOSSIBLE to pay them. So, I phone them and tell them about this, several times over 18 months. They seemed under the impression that I had the same sort of meter for my gas as for my leccy...............but as I told them, why would they let me run up a £200 bill on a pay as you go meter?????????? After finally recieving my first giro slip, I recieved another, for £850. They are firm in the belief that I was able to use 2000 units of gas in 5 WEEKS............baring in mind that my average consummtion is £150 a quarter then that would actually take me about 14 quaters to run up a bill like that, about 42 months, about 3 and a half YEARS.......NOT 5 WEEKS. So, I am disputing this, longly and loudly, infact I even got the national watchdog for energy providers involved....................cos the last straw was finding that they had cut my gas off, despite KNOWING that I am a single mum with a 4 yr old! ARGGGHHHHHHHHH. I spent an hour on the phone today sorting it all stressed after it all!!!!!!!!!! So, I have decided that I am gonna sit, and relax before work, and try to calm down after all of this.....then go into the monkey house I call work and see what chaos is happening there!!!!!!!


Graeme said...

Hey, one of my best friends works for energy watch uk, she's fairly high up in the company, so if you get no joy let me know and I'll give her a call...

Anonymous said...

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