Monday, July 10, 2006

Marathon blogage, it's been a while since I blogged, but between the chaos at work and this stupid cold, which I can't shift, I haven't had much time to sit infront of the computer and actually type, while I haven't got a migraine, or temperature, or just general unwellness. Also, I have a new addiction........Veronica Mars ........think Buffy, but without the demons, and more private investiagation stuff. Tis very very good.

Work has been chaotic, what with 22 cage deliveries, staff calling in sick and new ASM's being trained.....thou Bee is getting on very very well, and both Saturday and Sunday were a giggle with both her and Graeme about.

A note on the song........its for a certain someone........I'm working tonight, which is possibly a good thing, as I'm rather cross and need to vent my anger somewhere!!!!!!!


Graeme said...

I'm loving the use of the word "bloggage". Excellent dear. Don't forget our word of the month is LUSH you must use LUSH in every sentance you say when you are working...ESPECIALLY when you are serving a customer. Love it. Lush. Lushage..? No, not too keen on that one. Never mind. Am I rambling again? Yes. Ok. Bye.

Anonymous said...

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