Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Am not that long home from work, just long enough to get some Calpol into the extremely hot boy, and for my feet to stop hurting!!!!!!!

Work was a NIGHTMARE. I got in at 7, expecting the delivery to be done (to be fair it arrived at 8:30).....and there was still one I mistakenly thought that they must have had about 20 cages in or something..........not 8. Needless to say, this made my night quite chaotic. Trish took nearly £1000 on her till so I know we were busy, and I managed to clean the milk shelves, date check and clean cereal, bread and cakes, work the ice cream freezer, and the cage of stock......most of the store was faced up, and i mopped out the back as well as the shop floor, then customers walked all over the floor, so I actually gave up! I cant believe that we got so much done, but in the same breath, this is exactly what I need to stop doing. Every time I go in there and do that much, I show that I can achieve a lot on my shift, which means people leave more for me to do the next time. I'm sure that it wouldnt have been a huge problem if i hadn't done as much, but I felt guilty about not doing more. I take pride in my work and really do try to at least do what is expected of me, but I always seem to be doing more......damnit..........I MUST stop doing this!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

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