Sunday, September 03, 2006


I wanna take my ball and go home now please.

This weekend has been chaotic, crazy and full of madness.

Work has been crazy, I did loads of stock yesterday, and much supporting of B. I have no problem with this, cos on this one I do feel that she can do with the support. If she was in the wrong, I'd likely be the first to say something, most people know this about me (first hand for a lot of people). However, I'm definately on her side on this one.....which may seem strange as I've not been the most supportive of our new assistant manager up till now, but to be fair, she's doing alot better than she was just a few weeks ago.

On top of work I'm having fun turning up trousers by 3 inches, and name tagging everything, and finding everything for the back to school tomoro! I'm sooooooooooo excited! On the down side, it means I'm back to cleaning mums every morning, but never mind!

And then, my Aunty Sally was taken to casuality today. She's home and feeling a bit better now, but the Doc's aren't sure what the problem was/is, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping like mad that she's ok.

I'm sure thats all the glamour and excitement in my life at the moment, with the exception of my new template. Regular readers (so, dave and graeme) will be more than aware that me and templates for this blog have been having an odd relationship lately (to say the least). I loved my last template, but commenting was complicated, and as I want to start doing things like 'Tackle it Tuesday' and 'Thursday Thirteen' commenting needs to be simple!!!!!!!!!!

And thats definately it. I have nothing more to say, and certainly nothing interesting!