Tuesday, September 05, 2006


As a first time 'tackler' I must admit it launched into this far to vigorously.....I really did......I thought I would simply sort out my bookcase

Bookcase 'Before'

But to do that, I needed some tubs of books from one of my cupboards (which as you can see also needed 'tackling')

Cupboard 2 'Before

Then I tripped over my clean clothes and I saw where I was going to put those clothes

Cupboard 1 'Before'

and nearly died when I saw the state I'd let my room get in. I'm only ever in there to sleep, so just lately it's ended up kinda neglected..........So I got stuck in.

I've always found it fascinating to look back at all the random 'stuff' that gets collected in a short space of time, even if I'm then going to put it in the bin, but really, I had an EXCESSIVE amount of stuff. For instance, I owned 21 sets of various nightwear........21........WHY?????

As I looked through them I realised that a few of them were from when I was 18 and still living at my parents...............I think I have a problem!!!!!!!

Then there was the 58 pairs of socks......I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............58 seems just a little ridiculous, and some of them were only held together by a hope and a prayer!

Also, in my bedroom cupboards was a dis-mantled junior bed that my son hasn't slept in for at least the last 2 1/2 years, that one made it into the loft finally, and barely fit. So there was I, balancing on the top of a ladder, trying to wiggle the base of this bed into the loft and realising that I am also at the TOP OF THE STAIRS..............And singing along to my MP3 player and adding a lil jiggle or two..............I am officially crazy!

As I was cleaning, sorting and throwing out, I was also picking up things like lighters and pennies and popping them into my pocket...........this pic is actually of exactly what was in my pockets when the weight got so bad my jeans fell down all by themselves!!!!

Contents of my Pockets!

Within my pockets I discovered I had picked up, 10 lighters, a screwdriver, some batteries and over £5 in loose change!

However, I persevered and here are the 'after pics'


All my clothes are now hung up, and the linen is all in the tubs on the top shelf.


This pic is not taken well, but it is of the other cupboard and you will notice the lack of plastic tubs!


Another not so good pic, but this is where the bookcase was.......unfortunately as I wentto move it into my empty fell apart!

And one of the 12 bags of rubbish, broken chest of drawers and box of broken toys I should have thrown out 3 months ago, cos this has to be seen to be believed.


Next week, I'm doing my paperwork, where I can sit all comfy and not have to do any heavy lifting or ladder climbing.

Any other visiting 'Tacklers', let me know and I shall make a list!


Erin said...

Welcome to Tackle It Tuesday! You did an awesome job! Watch out - these are addictive. You should see my house! :-) Erin

eph2810 said...

Welcome to the tackle-bunch. And what a first project you tackled...Way.To.Go.Girl!!! Awesome job :)
I know the paper tackles - happens too many times around my house -lol.

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

Welcome to Tackle it Tuesday! You did some serious work wow girly, I am tired just reading your post!!!

Shereen said...

Welcome to Tackle It Tuesday. Wow, you got a lot done. Way to go. I hope you are able to keep it all up now. It must feel great to walk in there now!!

Tizzie said...

Thank you so much ladies, I'll pop a list of your links on here a bit later.......after the school run etc!

Jack said...

Wow...nice work. Am impressed and guilty at the same time, as I know I helped the bookshelf to it's demise...

Graeme said...

lmao @ the bookcase. But hey good on you...looks fab. I know where to go next time I need my office doing. Did have a little go today, but I kind of winged it. Hey, how about winging it wednesday....?

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

What a great job!!! I am soooo impressed with you! :)

Welcome to tackle it tuesday!! it is so great to have you join us :)

sorry I am so late - I am so behind from being away.