Friday, September 08, 2006

(insert appropriate title here as I can't think of one)

I have to admit that I am posting more out of boredom than anything else.

There is nothing on the telly, I need to take a little break from my book (thou it is stunning, but I think completing a 502 page book in a couple of hours just shows how dull my life is!)

I have to comment on my boy. I would add a picture of the most stunning injury that he has ever had, but he wouldn't stand still long enough for me! He had an 'incident' at school, his new teacher was terribly apologectic, obviously being totally unaware that my son thinks he's made of rubber, and will randomly throw himself into/onto/over things just to see if he can.

Anyway, the 'incident' would seem that my boy pi**ed some kid off, one who was bigger than him (so anyone in the school really) and got pushed over, onto a pile of Duplo, on his head. Only my son could do this, and end up with two neat Duplo bumps, from the top of the bricks, imprinted on his forehead for all to see. He had his forehead iced down, and in true Edward style he cried out..."Get off, I have to go and finish my hat!" The boy has NO concept of pain...unless he wants kisses. He's gonna be straight!

Thats about it really, unless everyone really wants to know about the endless piles of bills sat in my kitchen, or my various problems with my various lumps and bumps (its been a crazy day!)

Oh, and theres this I forgot to post earlier!

Mommy BlogsI've got an interview at "5 Minutes for Mom".

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