Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

OK, so this is my first 'Thursday Thirteen'!!!!! I'm actually a little excited! I guess I should call it Edition #1 but I'm doing the one suggested for Edition #57!

So, 13 things I like about myself....thats actually far harder than it sounds but I'll give it a go!

Thirteen Things I like about myself

1…. My hair. I know it sounds odd but I do love my hair, its thick, full and annoying most of the time but I still love it!

2.... My sense of humour. I'll admit that it can be an aquired taste at times, but I find myself funny!!!!

3.... My dress sense. It might not always be fashionable, but I do look good most of the time!

4.... My ablity to make meals out of nearly empty cupboards. My son and I have had a few strange meals, but I always seem to manage to find something. (I truely don't know how!)

5.... My memory. Its not quite photographic but I do have crystal clear recall on the strangest things. I never really think about it but I just have the strangest things in my head!

6.... My addiction to books. There are far worse things I could have become addicted to at points in my life, I'm glad that it was books!!!!

7.... My son. Not something about myself, but a reflection of it. A happy, healthy, well-adjusted boy who is growing up too fast, and who's teachers told me that there was no change in his behaviour when his father left, which to me says I must be doing something right!

8.... My commitment to my family. It has never mattered how much they beat me down (metophorically!) I still love them and stand by them. This can only be a good thing.

9.... The fact that now I have the strength to not take whatever s**t is dished out to me (unless its from my parents!). Confiedence in oneself is a beautiful thing.

10.... That I am still naive enough to be surprised when people betray me.

11.... The 'twins'. I can't do a list about things I like about myself without added them!

12.... That I still write letters to my friends. Even the one's I have email addresses for!

13.... That I managed to actually write this. Its taken me the last 45 minutes!

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Jack said...

Ok, 13 things I like about myself. And yes, I know it's not supposed to be here, but hey, here goes.

1: My Autism. Wouldn't be me without it!
2: My hyperactivity. Gets me out of the strangest situations
3: My dress sense. A bit odd, but people comment on it, and that's how I make new friends
4: My blog. Truely the love of my life. Sad, no?
5: My eclectic taste in music, because I can talk for hours about why bands are good or bad
6: My ability to pick up languages, because it has made me good friends along the way.
7: My family. Good or bad, wouldn't be without them (literally)
8: My past of alcohol abuse. Has taught me that moderation is a good thing
9: My creativity, because it leads to to write/compose and thus leads me into another place beyond here
10: My dreams, because I get to live another life as vividly as this one
11: My girlfriend, for making me what I am today
12: My sense of humour because it dictates what friends I have, therefore giving me a sense of what people I have around me
13: My ability to trendset, even if it does just remain an idea

That wasn't so hard. And I think I've revealed one or two things some people didn't know about me.

Tracie said...

Great list! I took the challenge too and it was a hard one to do.

#4-I'm impressed....I only have the ability to make meals out of taco bell and mcdonalds. 2 cents said...

A great list!! We have a bit incommon because I love my hair, my sense of humor and my addiction to books too!

Have a great Thursday!

Caylynn said...

Great list. :) It's my first time participating in TT as well. I'm also addicted to books - I love reading. :)

Incog & Nito said...

Great TT - you sound like a great person. It is difficult sometimes to think about how good we really are.

MommyBa said...

Thanks for sharing these things about you with us :)

Happy Thursday!

Tink said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! You have started with a great list, congratulations!
My TT is about birthday facts this week.

Grafted Branch said...

welcome! great list. I missed that theme. I'm with you on the "taking it (unless it's from my parents)."

Tammy and Parker said...

Boy, do I ever share your #'s 6 and 7. People are always shocking the hoobies out of me.

This is my first TT too!

Ghost said...

Anyone who is addicted to books is all right by me. ;)

Have a Happy and Welcome!

K T Cat said...

Making meals from empty cupboards can be a lot of fun!

Jersey Girl said...

#4, that's a gift! I'm more likely to go..."let's go out!"

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

way to go - great list!! so glad you have confidence - that is so important. My son would be on my list too - he is my favorite thing about me.

DK said...

It's good to meet another book lover! Your list was terrific; drop by my blog anytime...