Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Madness and Tackle it Tuesday!

Ok, so we'll start with the Monday madness, as it is still officially Monday.

I was instructed to wait in today between 8-6, for an engineer who would come and fit my pre-pay gas meter. Which I dutifully did, it gave me chance to do my Tackle it Tuesday project.

Then, at about 2:30 I decided to just double check what was going on with this blokey from the gas company. It would seem that they hadn't booked the job in properly. Now I have been raving about this company's incompetence for endless posts, cos they really are incompetent, but frankly, I booked this job 4 weeks ago, sorted out people to take my boy to school and so on, and THEY screwed up AGAIN, NOT ME!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR. I was NOT impressed!!!!!!

That's actually about it for Monday, as I DIDN'T LEAVE THE HOUSE!!!! So, on to

As with last week I kinda bit off more than I wanted to chew. I THOUGHT that sorting out my paperwork would be a simple case of putting things into piles, until I realized that there were A LOT of phone calls I had to make to sort things out too. It was actually 3 hours worth of phone calls to official people. I started talking to my neighbours just to talk to humans! I have heard every single variation of Greensleves, and been on hold for a total of 50 minutes...........50 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!
So, here is what I started with...
You may notice that these yellow and black tubs feature heavily in my storage spaces, they are FABULOUS, they are the ones that fold down flat and hold a stupid amount of stuff, I LOVE THEM!!!
5 HOURS later, after phone calls, shredding, and much sticking on of labels I now have...
JUST ONE BINDER........YAY!!!!! Inside I have dividers, neatly labeled address labels that I picked up from work cos they were cheap, describing everything behind each divider, along with what action I have taken regarding whatever it is up to today's date. This then means that at a quick glance I can not only see what paperwork I have, but what still needs dealing with, what bills are unpaid, and what school notes/hospital appointments I need to book etc!!!!!!
I am so chuffed, mainly because now I can find everything, and tomorrow, I am heading to the CAB, (for anyone who isn't based in the UK, it is a fantastic free service run by volunteers who will negotiate repayment plans for your bills for you, give you debt management advice, legal advice, you name it) cos thou I'm not heavily in debt, I'm definitely feeling the pinch of dropping from a household of two full-time earners, to being a part-time worker who keeps losing benefits, and is currently on an income of less than £600 a month!!!!!
Also, I'm sick of eating baked beans on toast!
Happy Tackling to all Tacklers!!!


FruitfulSpirit said...

That is the way to go! My filing system is one thing I keep very organized. But I would love to transfer alot into a PDA for travel purposes. Great job done. Have a great day!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Looks like you got alot of organizing done!

Jodi said...

Good job!! Mine is up.

Happy Tuesday!

Mom2fur said...

50 minutes on hold????? That's terrible! And incorporated everything into one binder? Good for you!
BTW, if you don't mind my saying...the white on pink is extremely hard to read. Maybe it's just my eyes (I'm 50) but if you could maybe change the writing to a darker color?

Pass The Torch said...

I'm so impressed! Ahhh, yet another thing I really need to do;)

Thanks for stopping by my megameme today!

Home of Pass the Torch Tuesday

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Great job! I am so bad at filing and paperwork. I just hate it!!!

So glad you tackled with us! :)

Erna said...

Great idea! Looks much better and takes up less space! I'm sure it's much easier to navigate.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :0) I think it's fantastic you're doing chores with your son. I responded to your comment on my blog but thought to mention it here in case you don't check back (some people do, some people don't . . . so, I thought I'd cover my bases). :0)