Saturday, April 15, 2006

ho hum

I've been meaning to blog all week, have even loaded up the page and everything, but for some reason i couldnt find much to say. I'm still waiting to find out if i can afford to pay my rent, I've spent much of my time with my boy, I went into work.......thats really about it.
Work this week has been kinda crazy.......busy, with far too much stock, far too little time and far far too many customers! Today when i got in to work there were 3 trolleys of unworked stock, 4 cages of stock off the delivery and 14 trays of bread. By the time i left thou, i had managed to condense all but 1 of the cages, a lot of the bread and switch over the promo shelves now that we have practically run out of easter eggs, we only had the spongebob and simpson types of eggs left when i left today.
other than that, its been bleugh.........i'm tired, and ouchy, and quite cold due to not having the heating on this week. And very alone. I have Button, but thats really it, he's the closest friend i have, and the only one that i share big news and feelings and stuff with. So i'm just feeling a little blue today. I think it might be hormones!