Monday, April 17, 2006

Feeling much better

I'm feeling much better about everything today, so I thought I'd waffle on here for a while. A NIGHTMARE.....we were busy, but not too bad, and trying to do stock and rotating on the promo ends as we had run out of Easter eggs and needed to fill the gaps and make it look all pretty. Then I was on the till for an hour......AND HAD A QUEUE AROUND A GOOD PORTION OF THE SHOP FOR THAT HOUR.....grrrrr.....and i couldnt call ness out cos she was busy........and what was she busy with I hear you ask (well i dont but i feel like ranting alittle) A certain competent till worker has managed to commit a marital indecresion........(not my problem) and having done this they are feeling that they have ruined their marriage (well d'uh) the offended party goes off, beats up the person that helped create this chaos and ends up in prison overnight.......makes sense why said till worker was off on Saturday...........all of this, however, does not explain why the couple turn up, the till worker in a mess, at work, before their shift, and is balling and saying that they dont know if they can work......and ness has to sort them out......end result, no till worker, queues in the shop, me rushed off my feet and unable to call for help for over half an hour. Work is NOT the forum for these issues. You leave them at home and come into work and do your job and go back to the problem. I didnt get time off to deal with the problems in my marriage, i just had to fit sorting things out in between working nights for goodness sake.......i wasnt given a choice, i wasn't allowed time off for 'personal' issues, and i didnt expect to be, and nor would i if it arose again, its just something that isnt done. Am i the only one who realises this??????????
Today has been a very good day. Have spent time with my boy, my aunt, and then Dave's parents for a little bit........the boy has had 12 Easter eggs now!!!!!!!!
Also, today, have found out that according to 'Magic's 100 Greatest Movie Songs' Summer Nights (the one song in Grease that EVERYONE knows the words to) apparently was in Rocky, i will admit that i havent seen any of the Rocky films.......but i find it very hard to believe that it is possible to confuse big, big boxing films with mushy, cheesy musicals!!!!!!!!!!