Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Boy hair

Had to cut the boys hair today, its a good job he has a low maintaince cut with the clippers otherwise the poor boy would end up having to have a bowl cut!!!! I figured that the best way to combat the issues of him and nits is to just shave his head!!!!!!!!!
We've had a day of quailty time together today, my boy and i, we've not actually done all that much, but have played cars, and football and cooked and cleaned and snuggled and he watched Power Rangers while i read, all in all, my favourite kind of day.....and now he is in quiet time before bed. Tomoro we have to go up to Southampton to have his eyes checked and his new prescription for his glasses sorted out, which will be endless fun i'm sure(!)
Other than that i can honestly say that there is little to wasnt too bad last night, out of the 11 cages that came in at 3:30 ish there was only one cage left unworked when i left 3 and 1/2 hours later, which i think is pretty good. The supervisor on the evening shift did the sweets, and i spotted and the worked the cages. Not an entirely fair distribution of labour, but, hey, they know i'm able to do it, so there is no reason for me not to.......i just wish that when they are working with me, they would work as hard as i do (GRRRRRRRR)