Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I should blog more

I know I should. To be fair I have been busy, busy, busy, and not with anything remotely interesting, but I should make the time to blog...

The thing is, I think of all these things that I should be blogging about, all these interesting, witty, intelligent things. Then I get home, sit down, and my brain just stutters a little and dies. Then I pop my headphones in and dance around a little...then I play Animal Crossing for a couple of hours and sleep like the dead. Thats it, thats my life.

Does anyone want it????

Seriously, although my boy brings me more joy than anything ever could, I still have a 5 year old. And he's very 5 at the moment. Work, which is something that I do well most of the time, is also a soul-sucking hell hole that makes me want to cry sometimes. My alone time, whist precious and important, is a bit too much just lately. I mean, its one thing to spend some time alone, and another to spend a minimum of 10 hours a day, 7 days a week on my own. And thats all I have in my life. WOOHOO...Please find said life on ebay, all bids welcome!!!!

In other news...nothing...I mean...NOTHING.

I NEED HELP, or a hobby, all suggestions will be gladly recieved.


Graeme said...

How on earth do you get 10 hours a day ON YOUR OWN?! I would give my arms, my legs, hell even my balls to have that much ME time!! lol