Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #17

Thirteen random observations.

1…The children's programme Lazy Town was clearly created by monkeys on speed. There is no other explanation for the sheer craziness of it. A guy who does sports to save the day, a pre-pubescent girl who is far to bossy and has pink hair that never moves and 'sports candy'...known to human beings as FRUIT. AND MY SON IS ADDICTED TO IT. an HOUR a day I have to sit thru!!!!!!!

2...Animal Crossing is also addictive. So much so that I have ordered a WiFi connector just so I can play with others. It isnt complicated and you dont really do much, but I cant seem to stop playing it!

3...There is nothing on television after 10pm on a Wednesday night. Wanna guess how bored I was last night?!

4...Kinder Egg toys are still cool. I don't care what anyone says, I LOVE them...and on the plus side I get to eat chocolate too!!!

5...I haven't TT'd since March cos I am a bad bad person.

6...It is possible to read too much. I've gotten through nearly 300 books since January. That's 300 books in 6 months. My brain may melt.

7...5 is a beautiful, magical, wonderful age. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Over and over and over again. The boy is very '5' just lately.

8...Relentless is the drink of the God's and should be revered as such (I cleaned my WHOLE HOUSE IN LESS THAN AN HOUR) It is better than Red Bull!!!!!

9...Marks and Spencer's food court is in equal parts divine and evil. The food I ate last night, the food I bought from there was stunning. It was incredible. I ate till I hurt and then some more. BUT, it was expensive. VERY EXPENSIVE. It was my treat for the MONTH. No take out for me this month!!!

10...This was the only TT I could do cos it was the only thing I could think of where I could actually make a list of thirteen!!

11...Mr. Fab is a God among men. He really is. I wish I could spend a day in his head cos I'm sure its filled with utter madness. Go, read, and tell me I'm lying.

12...I don't blog enough. I keep saying it I know, but this time last year I was blogging nearly every day!!!!!! I think I need some inspiration.

13...Even this list took longer than I expected. Any ideas for future TT's would be great...PLEASE!!!

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Lori said...

Loved your list...#1 totally made me laugh. Happy TT.

Chris said...

Happy TT! Mine is up at

Mitchypoo said...

Oh my, 300 books since this January! That is A LOT of reading. I could only hope to have that much time. Happy TT!

Graeme said...

Here are my observations on your observations.

Lazy town fascinates me. The pink hair, the fit sporty man, and the freaky bad guy. Can't take my eyes off of it. And what's with the cheesy songs?!

Kinder egg toys. So I have you to blame when I find them placed all over the tills?

I wish we sold relentless.

Marks & Spencer are the enemy. How dare you shop there lol.

Who is Mr Fab?

Yes, you must blog more, although mine has slipped lately.

How about 13 things you have in your bedside drawer that would make us blush?!

jdoriot said...

OMG! 300 books!! You are my hero!! And I totally agree about Lazy Town! lol!

Cat is my copilot said...

I think your list was excellent! Of course, as my mother has taught me, you're way ahead of the game just by being English. :D Anything after that is icing on the cake!

I'm wondering not who Mr. Fab is but how you came across him in the first place. :)

Graemeee said...

Message from Blogger :

It's been over a month since your last blog post.

We regularly delete inactive blogs as a way of ensuring our servers still work to their full potentential. Please blog soon, or your blog will be deleted. Thank you. ;-)