Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #18

Thirteen Things I have achieved today!(it's only 2pm!)

1…Went into town, picked up my prescription, did a full food shop, got a couple of bits for my boy.

2...Met Emily for a quick catch up.

3...Cooked a roast dinner for tonight, just need to do the veg once the boy is home (sorry Graeme, its chicken...and its ALL for me, and the boy I guess!)

4...Baked Brownies with nuts, just for the hell of it.

5...Baked a dessert that consists of a pastry shell filled with stewed peaches and topped with fresh peaches. I've had a strange day!

6...Tidied EVERYTHING I can find to tidy.

7...Finished reading my new book!

8...Caught up with Amy, Katy and Ian, and not all at the same time!!!

9...Run out of sugar....DAMNIT!!

10...Covered myself in vegatable oil, brownie batter, raw egg and flour (I'm a messy cooker!)

11...Bathed the boy.

12...Checked out all the blogs I read daily.

13...A Thursday Thirteen!!!!!!!

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Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Sounds like you should be accomplishing a nap! LOL! You're super energy and that's wonderful.

wood man said...

I could do with a round of brownies.

Anonymous said...

Busy day! I'll have some brownies though.... :) Have a great weekend!

Graeme said...

Impressive stuff. I'm guessing you got up at the same time as me then lol.

You tempt me with these foods. You blog about roasts and brownies, and when I call you, you're getting something with peaches in it out of the oven!!!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

#10 was getting pretty sexy...until I found out you were cooking...