Thursday, June 14, 2007

Because so rarely things move me to tears.

I just popped over to Boobs, Injuries and Dr Pepper, where you can find me lurking a lot of the time and read THIS post.

There are few people who know me who will actually understand why this is such an issue for me. But it is. And therefore, as someone who has walked a mile in uncomfortable shoes, and had to rely on the kindness of others simply to keep a roof over my head, someone who still knows exactly what its like to have baliffs, creditors and bills to pay, and then has to try and find some food money from somewhere. I urge any reader of mine who is able to pop over and donate if you can, or just to add your prayers. Situations like this are far to previlant in a socitey that is considered developed. When someone says 'single mother' they automatically think it means that they are getting moneitary help from a government. Its not always the case. Alot of us out here are going hungry cos our kids need food more than we do. I might not be in that situation now, but I've only been on 3 square meals a day for the last 3 months. The struggle is a hard one, and leads to depression and a whole host of other problems, just because there are a few of us out there that the world delights in shitting on. So, I urge you to visit, and challenge you not to be moved. Anyone who can inspire the depth of love within another as this woman obviously has derserves as much help as we can give. And a reason to smile again and have hope again, a gift that is beyond measure if you ask me. Raising a child alone is a daunting task in its self and can leave you feeling like all your doing is failing, and thats without money problems as well. So with this post, I not only shamelessly beg people to touch the life of another in a precious and priceless way, but if nothing else, beg that you send prayers along with everyone else that this woman catches a break and can be shown that no matter how low you get, there is always kindness in the world if you look hard enough.


Crystal said...

How simply lovely of you. thank you so much :)

take care,