Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This year has been the absolute worst for my internet connection and I. First I am disconnected by my phone company, then by my ISP. This time however was far more hassle and worry. I went to plug my MP3 player in to change my play list and the computer kept telling me that I was overloading my USB ports. WTF?? My MP3 player is ancient and has about as much juice as a snail covered in salt. It is in no way powerful enough to take on the lappy. Not in a fair fight at least! As I was panicking that I had broken the lappy and was doomed to have an empty MP3 player...I looked and saw...THE FRAYED ELECTRICAL LEAD ON MY MODEM. D'OH. Okay, so that's not what I actually said when I realized the possible outcomes of fire, electric shocks admistered to my son and so on! So my wonderful mother went out and grabbed me a modem to replace it while I was at work. Which I loved her for. That was until I set it up and realized that I had to phone my ISP and configure the damn thing.........and because I am essentially lazy, this took a couple of days. But I am online now, and have SO much to blog, but its also bed I'll do it tomorrow...possibly with pictures!!!!!!!!

Night all!


Deloris Diamond said...

Yes please don't fry the boy we like him lots!!!!!! and your mother was nice????? god I have been away to long


Anonymous said...

LOL, yup that "mom being nice" remark came as a shock :P

Graeme said...

lol if you fry the boy we could eat him. It'd be one less child in Pennington. No only kidding!!

Glad to see you are back online, I'm seriously re-considering you as my featured bloggage!!!!

jack said...

good to have you back!