Sunday, April 29, 2007

Some random for you, cos it's all I got!

Some random things...

Check out my blog roll. I have added a bunch of new (well new to me) and totally awesome blogs. I went to vote for Crystal at the Blogger Choice Awards (in the best humour catergory...go vote, now, the rest of my post can wait!) and have spent most of the day floating around the blog-o-sphere laughing my arse off, on my own, in an empty house. I am a crazy person.

Just a few moments ago, I walked into my lounge. To find my son...WEARING. MY. NEW. KNEE. HIGH. BOOTS. I shit you not. He was stood in front of the telly wearing these black boots with a 3.5 inch heel that came up to the tops of his thighs. It took a minute or two for me to work out what was going on, but once I did I did the only thing a caring and considerate mother could do...TOOK PICTURES ON MY PHONE AND MESSAGED THEM TO MY FRIENDS. I'm also heading to town for a Dongle (I love that word) just so I can transfer the aforementioned pic's onto the puta!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to feel really guilty that I let Graeme down for work tonight. But, to be fair, the stir fry ingredients, slice of chocolate cheesecake, bottle of wine and dyeing my hair that I have planned for tonight are preventing this. Lets be honest, a choice between wine and work? It's no choice at all!!!!!

I have a new phone. Same number, cos I'm too lazy to ring people with the new one (and I've only just learned this one!) but a pretty, pretty Nokia 6111 in pink. I have new technology!!!

I also have Animal Crossing for Nitendo DS. This is why I'm never online anymore. I have toys to play with...including this which is on its way! (******PLEASE NOTE: this link takes you to Ann Summers. If you are easily offended or a prude, just don't click it. If you do you can't say you weren't warned. I'm a nympho, I accept it, you should too!******)

I think thats it so far. But then, I haven't opened the wine yet, so there may be more posting later, perhaps with pic's of the new hair.


Graeme said...

it's ok. I didn't have to work it so I don't care lol. And I share with you the comedy passion that is the word Dongle. Who ever named it should be crowned. King Dong.

jack said...

Oh damn pwincess! That thing ROCKS! I may have to go hunting...

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I just 'discovered' you today and we have soooo much in common, I'm so glad I clicked on you! I didn't realize they have convenience stores in the UK. I work for a chain in the US, based in Texas.

Pati O Doors said...

I will have to see the pics of your boy in boots, Bless Him LOL

I should be down in a couple of weeks, SO we will have to go out hunny.

XXX Dragging Deloris XXX