Friday, February 09, 2007

I know...I'm a disappointment to my public!!!!!

Sorry, but I am in the strangest mood, and when you think that I haven't updated my blog in ages, I've had a lot of visits just lately.

I'm so sorry for ignoring all you people who sit on the edge of your seats, waiting with baited breath, for the next installment of my oh-so-exciting life. Honestly, I really wasn't thinking of the impact that my neglecting you could have, to the point where one of my visitors stayed AN HOUR...perhaps hoping that I would update. Alas, I did not, for ALL my Laurell K Hamilton books were returned to me last week, and I'm sorry, but they need re-reading!!!!!!!!!

I did want to start posting on things that were personal to me, things that were all deep and meaningful and stuff, but frankly, this particular blog is mainly for light entertainment, and stress and ranting obviously, but mainly its light and fluffy, and I don't really want to take that away, also, if I do feel a need to talk about my feelings, I'm gonna do it anonymously!!!!! That's the whole reason that I still keep a diary almost daily.

In other news, ummmmm, yeah, a WHOLE lot of nothing again. Between work and my addiction to reading, I haven't even switched the computer on this week apart from when I popped it on for Phil to use. I lead such a full and rewarding life don't I? I've even started drinking Horlicks!!!!!!