Monday, October 30, 2006

I have a stalker!

I really do....perhaps stalker is the wrong phrase to use, but any one who visits my blog 11 times in less than an hour, and stays for 36 minutes is odd to say the least. I know who it is, but I'm not gonna name and shame them, cos I'm laughing too hard to be honest. Why would someone spend that much time here? Delving into my pyshie perhaps??? This is not the place I would post such things. Seeing whats going on in my life???? sounds reasonable, but really, I dont post anything THAT riviting.....honest I dont, even I know that!!!!! Perhaps they find my Thursday Thirteens and work life utterly fasinating............well, lucky them, I'm living my life and its not THAT thrilling!!!!! I am just beside myself with amusement to be honest, given that I'm a private person, why would I post things that are really winding me up or whatever on MY PUBLIC blog??????? Honestly, its absurd............but I thank them for putting a smile on my face at their expense, cos I was due a giggle......................and I really enjoyed it!


Graeme said...

Damn you caught me out...