Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thurday Thirteen #14

Thirteen Things I've discovered about myself in the last couple of months.
Todays TT is a personal one, which is a touch unusual for me, as I'm such a private person, but then, its probably unhealthy for me to be and I'm trying to grow as person!!!!

1…It is my natural reaction to be a cold hearted b***h before anything else.

2...I am incapable of seeing myself as others see me, even a little bit!

3...My thoughts and feelings are so deeply buried, when my friends try to talk to me, I'll lie about them (the thoughts and feelings, not the friends)

4...When I come accross as confident its actually because I am the exact opposite, and am lying to myself.

5...When someone's nice to me, I automatically wonder what they want from me, or assume they are lying.

6...I am nearly completely unable to accept a compliement.

7...Whien I'm feeling lonely, I will deliberately unplug my phone, turn off my mobile and pretend to be out, just incase a friend actually rings.

8...If one of my friends needs something, anything, I will do everything in my power to help them get/achieve whatever it is. But I will NOT accept the same back.

9...When I'm feeling a deep emotion about something, I will just bury it until its no longer a deep emotion.

10...There's far too much in my past that I havent dealt with yet, and it affects the relationships that I build today.

11...When it comes to my son, there is nothing I wouldn't do, no-one I wouldn't hurt to keep him safe. The same goes for my family, and the friends I consider family.

12...I'm outspoken, but never about the important stuff, just about the little things.

13...Far too much of this list is negative, and I really need to deal with that!!!!!

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Raggedy said...

That was a very open and honest post. It is difficult to comment on it because I don't know you. I feel like I should give you a hug.
Have a wonderful day.
My TT is up.

Gela said...

Tizzie, I agree with raggedy...((((Hug!)))) Sometimes it's hard to accept from others what we are willing to give...I bet your friends and family feel loved by you when you are there for them!

Happy T13!

Graeme said...

Tizzie, being honest about stuff like that is the best way to deal with it! Denial is not the we all know from the state of my life at the moment!!

You're a very intelligent, well rounded person...(that's how you come across anyway) and I've said before, it's often an honour to know you :)