Saturday, October 18, 2008

Insert something clever or funny here...I'm too tired to think of anything!

I have had a beautiful day today. Because of the hours I work I only get 2 full days a fortnight to spend with my boy these days. Today was one of them. We started the day with a swimming lesson, which he loves, and I hate. I have a fear of swimming pools, I can't swim, and I hate the humid, horrid atmosphere in the pool area. So, as any good mother would, I went and watched my boy diving into the deep end of our local pool while sweating like a pig and freaking out incase he drowns. This is my least favourite part of my weekend with him! Then, all we did was come home and mong out with a DVD, and his crazy bones. It was the coolest Saturday I have had for a long while.

Tomorrow, we have a similar plan, unless its as nice as it was today...if the sun is shining then we are going out!!

That really is all my news...thou I did empty my loft and my shed...I'm excited by that, but I could see how no-one else would be!