Thursday, April 12, 2007

Graeme's Holiday...Day''s Two and Three

The only problem with working every day is that I'm so tired!! Because I'm finishing at 5:30pm, it means that my friends are popping over for coffee an awful lot...I don't mind, infact I'll go so far as to say I enjoy it, but it does leave me hyped up for the rest of the night!! Never mind!!!

So anyway, in shop based news...

I did the double banking...s**tting myself the whole time!

I did the Easter Card uplift.

Sue from Millbrook popped in and sorted something out to do with declaring the coupons that I just could not sort out.

Once I've done my PI's today (2 of 'em) then they are done for the week.

Once Babs and Martha have done their bits this morning, all the stock is worked ready for tomoro's delivery...even the big silver cages.

The Easter stock uplift is being dealt with today as well, and thats all that I really have left to do.

I'm both shocked and surprised!!!

ok, thats it for now. I promise to have non-work related posts next week!!!


Graeme said...

I'm suitably impressed. Would now be a good time to give you the dates for my June holiday?!

Adrian said...

Hey Princess

When you going to update your blog roll for my new blog :(


Graeme said...

Yes, I'm getting bored of reading Graeme's holiday days two and three lol.