Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Things I missed while I wasn't online

1...BLOGGING!!!! I may not do it as regularly as I should......But there's been more than a few things that I wanted to blocg about this last 3 weeks.

2..THURSDAY THIRTEEN'S....I got up one Thursday morning, ready to do my 13, to find my internet was down....I nearly cried!

3...Being able to Google anything that took my interest.

4...Chatting to friends.....I have so few in the 'real' world.

5...Checking my favorite blogs daily......I had to spend HOURS in front of the computer yesterday..............Oh well!

6...Window shopping. I don't buy online at the moment, but I love looking at the pretty things I would buy if I could afford it.

7...Keeping up to date with my favorite shows.

8...GOSSIP.....I missed out on LOTS of gossip!

9...Support. I still find it amazing how supportive people online can be, and I really could have used some support just lately.

10...Random emails. You know, the ones that are just plain random but make you laugh anyway!

11...Telling people about the amusing things my son has done, or the annoying things my ex has done.

12...VENTING.......My lounge door has taken a beating lately....I need to buy a new one now *blushes*

13...All the things I do online that aren't especially important, but do stave off the boredom!

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Sanni said...

Thanks for sharing this great list! You´re so right...

Happy TT from Germany,


Anonymous said...

Oh, wonderful list.

It's so hard when you internet goes down, isn't it? I start to get the DTs!

Happy TT!

I’m up!

Caylynn said...

Glad to hear you have internet again. :) It's amazing how we come to rely on it to do so much - for me, it's a way of keeping in contact with friends and family around the world.

Happy T13. :)