Friday, December 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #11 (a day late!)

Thirteen Things I aim to do in the following year.

1…Give up smoking.

2...Eat better, gotta stop nibbling!

3...Exercise more...I will lose another 2 stone!!!

4...Have more sex (I know this is supposed to be at least a little family friendly but quite honestly, the clash in our schedules means its been A MONTH...A MONTH PEOPLE....THIS WILL NOT BE HAPPENING AGAIN!)

5...Make even more new friends. I've learnt how to do it now, and am on a bit of a roll!

6...Redecorate the house, I've started putting the money by for it!

7...Get the 3 armchairs OUT of my bedroom!

8...Learn to drive. I can drive, I just need to take the test, so I'm considering a crash course before the summer!

9...Spend more time with my son. Cos there is no such thing as too much time with him!

10...Maintain this relationship (there, I said the word) properly, so that I can introduce him to my son.

11...Laugh in my ex-husbands face (but then, I do that as often as I can)

12...Destroy a woman whos been deserving it since September (I know, not very nice of me but then I'm not always very nice and she's taken something that was mine and is not doing as she should, its all very complaicated!)

13...Blog more, and have a more exciting life to blog about!!!!
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my 2 cents said...

Good luck with everything, especially with #1 on your list! You can do it!!

Have a Happy New Year!!

amy said...

Oh how you made me laugh. I know about schedules..Great list..hope you get everything done

Lisa said...

Good luck! I'm right there with you in the single mom department, and some days it's a real challenge. My son has met my boyfriend, and they seem to have hit it off, which is a relief.

Bubba said...

Be careful what you wish for...sometimes excitement comes in many different forms...heheheh

Happy TT...and Happy New Year!

Graeme said...

I'm not convinced that working at One Stop and giving up smoking are achievable at the same time in life.

Anonymous said...

I love the look of your blog, being called Chaos and Disorder, but looking so pastoral. Very cool concept. I enjoyed visiting.