Sunday, November 05, 2006

SHHHHHHH.............I have a secret

I do, honest, well actually I have lots, but this one is a biggy........

I have an infamous temper. I don't mean to but I can go and go and go and not lose my temper, and then one lil thing will send me insane............As in rip the lounge door of its bottom hinge insane........Its viscous and violent (and secretly, I love it, so much passion when I lose it, it reminds me I'm alive). Today, I got pushed over that edge, it was my own fault, I should have looked before I opened the document. HOWEVER, I DIDN'T BREAK ANYTHING........Not even a nail. I didn't even shout or lose it at the person who actually would have deserved the dressing down I so badly did.....This was cos of my secret you see, I have found an outlet for my oh so expressive temper!!!!!!! I would tell people what the secret to it is, but for one, its not gonna make me any money, so why bother, and two, its not something that is widely available due to my dislike of sharing things!

In other news.........A whole lot of nothing really.....My son's father has moved in with a woman he has known for 7 weeks and been seeing for 5 of them, my son's father is not a good father, and he is STILL coming onto me.......Now, I know I'm kinda hot at the moment, but come on.........I'm not that good...............I know this all too well today!!!!

Oh, and I baked today.........Which is a big thing for me, cos I haven't been able to afford ingredients for any non-essential cooking for so long that it was pure pleasure to bake a devil's food chocolate cake.....I may have to take some in to Graeme in the morning, he may need the chocolate by the school run!!!!!!!!!

So, other than explaining to my 5 yr old that 'daddies new family' (his words not mine) is not more important than him, and explaining to my parents that there's only so many hours in a day, and explaining to random staff members that I am ONLY A SUPERVISOR PEOPLE, and explaining to my ex-husband that I may have to hurt him if he doesn't buck his ideas up, and explaining to myself just why randomly attacking people is not allowed, its been a good weekend, full of cooking, food shopping and rearranging furniture.........Don't you wish you had my life???!!!!!


Chaotic Mom said...

You have a right to be feisty, I'd say! But it sounds like you have a good attitude, are dealing with what's going on in an "appropriate manner". I lost it BIG time this weekend. Huge. I held back as long as I could then blew it. Sigh...

And, yeah, there are a LOT of cool girls' toys around these days (referencing your comment on my T13). ;)

Graeme said...

I DO wish I had your life. Only a supervisor? Only a supervisor? Only a supervisor that can do a darn site better than the MFASM. And if you wanna know what that means then ask me lol.

And erm, where was the chocolate cake?!

Anonymous said...

I have a quick temper myself. But I'm currently trying to tone down my emotional outbursts to a minimum. My husband is helping me on that. So far, it's working.

My husband is trying his hand on baking these past few weeks. He made apple pie today which we brought to a friend's party. He said he will try to bake carrot cake for me next time. :)

You see, I'm hopeless in the kitchen so my husband gladly took over this area of the house. LoL.