Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things I say on a daily basis

1…"Look where your going or you'll fall over" - to my son, the dreamer, who will walk into lamp posts, walls, puddles, hedges, you name it!

2..."ARGGGHHHHHHHH" - normally at work!!!!

3..."Don't make me beat/bite you!" - to anyone who happens to annoy me

4..."Come on then, what else have you got?!" - directed heaven-wards, normally after my day has progressed to utter chaos.

5..."WHERE ARE MY GLASSES?" - I'm blind as a bat without them, and I lose them at least once a day!

6..."I'll see you later, in your dreams" - to my son, after a night time kiss and cuddle.

7..."Why is there a pencil/piece of string/small creature/handful of mud in your pocket?" - again to my son...I don't talk to adults much

8..."ok, that was REALLY gay!" - to Adrian, cos he really does get gay-er as the day gets later!

9..."YOU DID WHAT?" - to the ex-husband

10..."No baby, Daddy doesnt love his new family more than you" - this is the saddest one, especially as 'daddy' has only known the woman for 8 weeks, and is living with her and playing daddy to her poor boy.

11..."yes mum" - need I say more?!

12..."I love you and I am so proud of you" - to my boy, of course!

13..."I'm gonna f***ing kill him" - with passion and deep hatred, to anyone who I happen to talk to about the ex-husband!!!

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Tanya said...

Hi there. I'm up too.

Anonymous said...

i relate to no 5...

but im getting lasik..!!woohoo

happy TT

Jane said...

Yes, but what do you REALLY think about your ex!!!!!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I like your list!
I totally agree to numbers 2 and 5!

Happy TT from Germany,

A Falling Angel said...

I am so hurt that you think I get gay-er by the end of the day but hey!!! I am special, Your boy is so special and I do keep offering to have the EX (Asshole) knocked down for you!!!! still can't see why you won't let me!!!! :-(

Loves Ya Princess

DK said...

Wonderful list! I am so sorry about #10, but sounds like you handle it really well. I wish you and your little boy a very happy Thursday and a great weekend. The ex-husband? Not so much. :)

PS. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 2 cents said...

A great idea for a list!!

Have a great Thursday!

tvaddictgurl said...

I love #6. Great list!

Kendra said...

Great list! I say #7 to my son about a million. Especially when I find whatever in his mouth! Happy Thursday!